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End of the World? Not Quite... Hahahahaha...

By the way, the world clearly did not end on December 21, 2012.


Not that I thought it would, mind you. But it was fascinating to see how people were buying into it...

I wonder just how many times in history the end of the world has been predicted? Many, many times, we all realize! Maybe some day people will quit trying to figure it out.

That said, I love my life and my part of this world very much. But I'm ready to go when it's my time. And I do believe in something good beyond this life.

Maybe we'll all try a little harder to protect the world in the future, one could hope. Somehow I suspect not, though... (sigh)

And on that note, goodnight friends!

Tags: 2012, december-2012, end-of-the-world, humor, love

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