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More Neighbor's Christmas...

Well, the alarm didn't go off -- so Marilyn and I missed the on-air radio party first thing this morning. You know what? We're both cool with that. (smile) Sleeping in had real appeal, so we seriously didn't mind... (Happily Carol was there to represent for the festival!)

Today was mostly another LOVELY, lazy vacation day! (woo hoo) I've been continuing to read my Mary Russell birthday book (Marilyn bought me the download) on my Kindle: "The Moor: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes" [Kindle Edition] by author Laurie R. King. I just LOVE Laurie's writing -- more than I can begin to say! (And you all know how PICKY I am!!!) I actually savor it all.

Her descriptions of the moor??? Fabulous. Honestly, if you're looking for a truly entertaining read -- and one that has quality writing -- then you can't go wrong if you try this book!

I can't recall if I mentioned that we're NOT going to decorate the Portland Christmas tree. We decided it was enough to decorate the tree at the beach house. It's still nice to have the tree up -- and to turn on the lights now and then. Plus we have a lot of our usual decorations up both in the living room and family room, so it's very Christmas-y here. (smile)

I went out and did a few more neighbors today -- taking out our gifts (like yesterday). Nobody was home at John and Barbara's house, so I just left the bag. I phoned for June and Jim again, but didn't reach anyone. (The car is there, so I'd assume someone is home. But if they're not in the mood for company, that's FINE! I've certainly been there. One or both of them might be sick or something, so no worries...) But I did actually connect with Janet across the street, so we visited for about half an hour.

Plus she's going to keep an eye on the house for us while we're away (she often does that). She has a key and can go in and out with no problem -- and phone us if there's any problem. Janet isn't the only one who will do this, of course! It's nice to know that neighbors will keep an eye on things when you're not at home. We've got good neighbors! (And we have a tendency around here to all share keys with one another -- something Janet and I were discussing today. That might seem old-fashioned to some people, but it works for all of us!)

I did the treadmill again today (sorry to say I missed it yesterday). I'm only doing half an hour right now, but hopefully I'll work up to longer soon! (Marilyn did an hour on the treadmill...)

We watched "Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties" tonight (Marilyn and I had never seen it before). It was cute! Mom loved Garfield, so people were always giving her Garfield things. In fact, I have a Garfield Christmas magnet on the fridge right now that belonged to Mom... (Mom was also a cat-lover, just like us...)

We had fish again for late lunch/early dinner today. This time we had Gorton's Beer Batter Tenders, instead of the Beer Battered Fish Fillets that we usually have. The fish is SO GOOD that aside from putting lemon on it, it doesn't need a thing. Even Marilyn -- who loves cocktail sauce on fish -- will it this fish plain.

Tomorrow I need to try and get Christmas over to June and Jim at some point. But I guess I can always take it by late when we're back in town, if it comes to that.

And Marilyn and I plan to try and get out to see our friend Shari. (Her birthday is Sunday.) She had plans to go out, so I don't think we'll stay very long. But we want to take her a card and gift...

Anyway, bed soon!

Before I dash, we got Umpqua Ice Cream this time around. We wanted PEPPERMINT, and Freddies was OUT of Dreyer's Peppermint. Last year we bought a lot of the Freddies brand (which was really GOOD!). Amazingly enough, Umpqua beats out both Dreyers and Freddies for taste (!!!), so if you have the chance to try it, I'd really recommend it. Yummy! We'll be having some before bed, trust me on that...

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