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New Microwave Oven

The big news for today? Our microwave oven DIED.

We got our Goldstar microwave oven back in 1981 (or right around then), making it THREE DECADES old (!!!). We bought it when we were still living at home with Mom and Dad -- and I can remember when Marilyn and I hauled it into the house on Fessenden street! It was one of those HUGE models, and heavy as can be. It was the first (and only) microwave oven Mom and Dad ever had. And after Mom died (Dad died first), we brought it to our house -- and it's been here in use ever since!

It never had a turntable (it predated that 'advancement'), so we had one of those add-on turntables that you put inside. The glass tray was square and also huge and heavy, fitting inside the full bottom. It also didn't have buttons -- it had a slider and a dial.

But it worked GREAT for us for years and years (obviously). Recently the on switch messed up, and we had to use a toothpick to make it work (!!!). So we've needed to replace it for some time. But we resisted, because we liked the size and were so used to it. (smile)

The dial went out tonight -- or maybe the switch (or both). So we went to Target and looked there. The one we wanted (which was also quite large) was out of stock. So then we went to Walmart. First we looked at one that was around $150. But we ended up getting one for around $70, even though it was smaller.

Our thought was 'We're not going to like it anyway, so why not get the cheaper one?' -- hahahahahaha.

It was interesting moving OUT the old one! Again, it's a heavy bugger, so just finding a place in the garage to put it -- and then getting it out there -- was something else again. But we got the old one OUT and the new one set up and in place. Then we tried it out by making popcorn using our microwave popcorn popper (which FITS, I'm happy to report!).

It's certainly interesting to have the new one, which is a Hamilton Beach. They run a lot cheaper these days than they used to -- which is a good thing. I somehow doubt we'll have this one around for decades!

I'm glad it wasn't expensive. Frankly, right now $70 is a lot to spend -- especially coming on top of the vet costs. (sigh)

At least we didn't have to skip having a Christmas tree! Sister Sue told Marilyn tonight that her family had decided they couldn't afford to get a tree. So we ended up giving them one of our artificial trees (a fiber optic one that stands a couple feet tall and has that color changing light effect). We had two of these, one of which is in our family room this year. (Our other artificial tree that we've had for a couple years is upstairs in the living room -- last year we had it downstairs.)

We put our fiber optic one up on top of a stand, then put a tree skirt around the bottom. It looks cool, I think. Colin -- who just LOVES Christmas trees -- likes to sit next to it (and sometimes chew on it a bit). Upstairs he likes to sit UNDER the bigger tree...

I guess Sue, Candy and Nicole aren't really decorating, either, this year. (I didn't talk to Sue, so I'm not sure why they decided not to.) We actually put our more of our decorations today, as we hadn't decorated in the family room previously.

Well, more about the new microwave as we use it! I burned part of one batch of popcorn (!!!), but did fine after that. I'm sure we'll get used it with no trouble -- after all, we used to have a second one here in the house (downstairs), and we have another model at the beach house (of course). It's not like we haven't used other microwaves over the years. (grin)

The weather has turned quite cold here -- and there's talk of snow (brr)!!!

Oh! We got invited to an 'on air' Christmas party at a local radio station for Friday, so we're going to go to that. It sounds cool to both of us!

Dentist tomorrow! (sigh)

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