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Vacation Monday -- Plus Cats to the Vet...

Marilyn and I slept in, which seems fair for our first day of vacation (!!!). Then we had errands to run, including getting Marilyn a new watch and some gloves (she's needed new gloves for the last couple of years, as her gloves have had holes in them...). So we braved the Woodburn Company Stores, going to both Fossil (for the watch) and Wilson's Leather (for the gloves). Actually, I got a pair of new gloves, too, because the sale was so amazing...

Interestingly enough, it just wasn't that busy there! We got to park directly in front of the main area (near their beautiful, big Christmas tree!) -- and it just wasn't packed with people, as you would expect. So the experience wasn't bad at all.

After that we went to Starbucks nearby for coffee, before heading over to Hayden Island (near sister Sue's house) to stop at both Ross and Target (very briefly). The items I bought at Target cost under $3 and took us mere minutes to find. (Not Christmas-related.)

We got home in time to rest briefly before gathering up both cats for a trip to the vet. Henry needed to be seen before he could get his prescription refilled -- and it's serious when he goes off his meds for long. (We almost lost him on Christmas Day back in 2010, as you can read about HERE. That was a horrible -- and expensive -- day...)

Colin hadn't been to the vet since 2007 -- and he got a good report today. She couldn't really tell if he'd lost weight, considering he was younger then. He weighed about the same as now -- but the doctor said she was pleased by him, he's a lot of muscle and she could feel his ribs, so he didn't seem too heavy to her. He has been fat in the past, but he lost weight this past year and has been very active (running around -- especially at the beach house). So Colin got his annual injections (minus rabies) for the first time in ages.

And Henry got a good report, too, considering his health condition. His immune system is too challenged to allow him to receive any injections, which is fine. His weight was a bit down from the last time he was in, but the doctor wasn't unhappy with it. Happily she didn't insist on a blood test -- because there's just no point. He MUST have the meds, no matter what, or he gets very sick. And the blood test is very expensive. So why bother?

As it is, they no longer make his medication as a pill -- you can only get it as a capsule (!!!). And it's almost THREE TIMES the cost (!!!) now. It was nearly $100 for three months. We'd thought we might get by for under $200 today -- but it was nearly $250. We were both stunned.

Anyway, Colin won't be going back to the vet unless he's actually ill in the future -- because we simply can't afford the cost!

So now we've got a super-expensive prescription that we're not even sure Henry will be able to take decently. Think about it: Even people have more trouble swallowing capsules than pills! Henry has always been amazing about taking those pills. He can do it better than most people (considering he gets them down dry). Marilyn is understandably concerned, as she's the one who usually gives him the medication. We're just hopeful he'll be able to manage it as well as the pills, because there's really NO CHOICE about this. The DAMN pharmacy simply won't make the pills anymore. A compounding pharmacy would make a liquid form -- and there's no way to know if he'd take that decently without spitting it out. (Plus I was told on the phone that it's 'far more expensive' than the capsules!!! Really???)

I personally believe there's going to be a special place in HELL for people involved with pharmaceutical companies -- nice and hot, with sharp pitchforks! And if our vet's office is involved with this taking advantage of consumers, then I never want to find out -- because I'd hate to be wishing these people to find a steamy corner in the same hell...

(This will undoubtedly give us another Not for Wimps blogging topic, about how seniors really need pets -- but can't afford to have them! I'll share a link when that happens...)

Colin was supposed to come home sleepy after his shot, but I didn't really notice it. However, Henry was EXHAUSTED from the vet visit and just curled up in his chair in the office and was totally OUT. Poor guy!

We had fish and Brussels sprouts for dinner -- very tasty! And we're getting ready to have coffee and ice cream before bed.

I need to gather our Christmas gifts for our neighbors and start taking them out tomorrow. We're giving everyone a bottle of wine that will have an ornament hanging on it, with a tiny tin of butter cookies and a candy cane. Oh, and we'll have cards for everyone, too. That's what we give to many of our neighbors, the dentist (and assistants) and so on. We get a good deal on the wine (from the festival) and the other items are fairly inexpensive.

We didn't give to our co-workers this year, because we simply couldn't afford to. And we're really not doing any other gifts, to speak of for the same reason. It's wonderful to be able to give gifts -- and we love doing it -- but we have to be realistic about the cost...

I guess it's a good time to remind ourselves that presents is NOT what Christmas is about, anyway. We try hard to remember to be kind, warm and loving to everyone (even strangers) -- and to keep the spirit of the season.

Well, nearly bedtime! I'm off!

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