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Trip to Beach House on Sunday? No...

By the way, YES -- I did get the BLIZZARD WARNING on my iPhone! I'm not sure whether to thing that's a cool thing or a really odd thing, to tell you the truth. Hahahahahaha.

Marilyn is constantly watching the weather whenever we're considering driving to the beach house. For those who don't know Oregon, we have mountains between Portland and Seaside -- so if there's cold weather and snow, we have to drive through it to get to the beach house.

She knew there was a storm brewing on the coast, with high winds -- so we wanted to avoid the potential power outage situation. We'd thought about making a trip down today without the cats so we could take our Christmas decorations and prepare our tree and house. We were going to stay over tonight and come back tomorrow. But we decided to skip it.

Both cats have appointments with the vet tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., by the way. Henry needs to get in so we can get his prescription filled (we're almost out). He doesn't do well when he's off his meds. He hasn't been to see the vet in around a year, so he's certainly due. And it's been even longer for Colin (but he's thankfully a very healthy cat).

I have a dental appointment on Wednesday at 2:00 -- to get my last two root canals permanently filled (currently they have temp fillings). So we hope to leave on Thursday for the beach over Christmas!

We have a TON (!!!) of stuff to take down with us. It should be interesting getting it all in the car! It's a long story WHY that's true, so I won't go into it right now...

You might be interested in reading this Homily for December 16, 2012 (3rd Sunday of Advent). I think Deacon Greg Kandra has written something really meaningful in the light of what happened in Newtown -- and reading it really helped me. I hope it will help some of you, too...

Yes, it can seem inane to go on with daily life and discussing Christmas preparations when something so terrible has happened to our nation (and the world). But ultimately life must go on. We've all been touched by this and we grieve and feel sorrow and confusion. But in faith we can see the good that comes from the bad. People have been so strong -- and I'm so impressed by this. Sometimes horrible things bring us closer together. By the way, I was very impressed by what the President said in his SPEECH during the
Newton vigil tonight. The entire vigil was very moving...

We've got a storm right around us as I type this. The wind is blowing and there's rain and it's nasty! We just turned up the furnace, because it's cold here in the office. Marilyn is sitting beside me playing Civilization. And Henry (our cat) is in his chair. A movie about Jesus is playing on the TV. (I wonder where Colin is?) It's nice to be COZY in our home! We went out late tonight to do some grocery shopping and it was yucky out there! Again, I'm glad to be HOME.

I guess that's it for today...

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