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Yahoo Notepad -- Really, Yahoo???

Today I needed to get into the Yahoo Notepad -- as I often do! But they no longer provide a LINK inside Yahoo Mail that leads you there...

REALLY, Yahoo???

I went to their (lame) support community and put up a new item mentioning it. I said I knew how to get there (the link is: -- you need to be already be logged in to your mail account for this to work, mind you) -- but that I felt it was odd not to provide easy navigation there.

The response I got was that this is 'going to be addressed' (okay... when exactly???) -- and then links to find it. Um, didn't I already say I knew HOW to get there? I'm suggesting a reasonable change, but I'm not an idiot!

Marilyn and I have had PAID accounts for Yahoo mail for years now. We expect things to work decently, considering this, but it seems like we always have issues...

Well, this is another example of fixing what wasn't broken in the first place! The old version of Yahoo Notepad used to work really well, by the way -- and allowed for a lot more ways to navigate inside the feature. The 'new' version pretty much sucks -- if you can even get there in the first place, of course! Hahahahaha.

But I keep a ton of info there, to be able to easily access as a cyber-resource (which can be pretty convenient, I have to say).

Well, we can't stop services from constant unwelcome changes -- like Timeline at Facebook (ugh), the 'new' versions of things here at LiveJournal (ugh) or changes at Yahoo (ugh). We're stuck with what they give us, like it or not.

Too bad these services never LISTEN to the people using them! I just don't get that. Why not do some honest betaing -- and they actually be open to what the consumer has to say??? When they decide they want change, they'll change no matter what.

I've usually seen things take steps backward for the user, which makes no sense to me. But they really don't seem to care about that.

Frustrating, isn't it?

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