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Appeal eNewsletter Done? Yep.

I finished up the end of year Appeal eNewsletter for the festival today. It's almost ready to go first thing in the morning. By 'almost ready' I mean that I haven't yet (sigh) done the text-only version -- and that needs to happen before it can be sent out. But the banner got done, I did some color tweaking and created an animated snowflake bar and selected 2012 festival images to use -- along with finding appropriate Copy that I reworked. So it's pretty close at this point, anyway.

I also need to re-send the RHSAA end of year Appeal tomorrow...

I also did some website updates today (it's that time of year). The festival is hiring seasonal people right now, so the info about two of those positions has been put up.

I also worked on organizing my various emails (work, home, Yahoo). They all need to be monitored on a regular basis to keep my sanity.

I did get into our festival SmugMug account for a few minutes today, but I didn't really work with it that much. I need to do some more stuff there, but I'll get to that over time...

My iPhone needed a new IOS installed, so I hooked it up to the latest version of iTunes. YIKES!!! What do you guys think of version 11??? It took me AGES online to finally find out how to make it display in a way that made some sense to me. I don't understand WHY they would change it so drastically that the normal lefthand sidebar wouldn't display by default (!!!), but at least I've got it showing now. Apple. Don't get me started!

Plus the IOS download and install took HOURS. I mean, really??? What the hell is that about? Considering my phone was plugged in to the computer all that time, you would imagine it as being fully charged (I barely used it all day long). Oh, hell no! When I last looked at it the percentage charged was around 30%. That's one GREAT new IOS, Apple! Thanks, loads. Sure love how your batteries never stay charged worth a damn -- even when I'm not using the phone. Lovely.

I did start another blog entry for my Not for Wimps blog, too -- but I didn't get all that far with it. Maybe tomorrow...

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll obviously be working on the eNewsletter/Appeal first thing in the morning. Our Staff Christmas Party starts at noon and includes bowling.

However, Marilyn came home sick from work today -- so I don't know if we'll end up going in tomorrow or not. Little wonder she got sick after the hours she's been keeping recently -- and getting so chilled yesterday. (Aside from working from 5:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., of course.)

Sister Sue was sick today, too. And I got nauseous in the afternoon for no good reason (what's new). At least I didn't throw up like Sue did...

Marilyn said she was feeling the way she did when she collapsed at the office that time and ended up being taken by ambulance to the hospital (!!!). Anyway, if she's feeling even slightly bad in the morning, I will absolutely not be letting her DRIVE anywhere!

Well, I'm off to fix a (very late) dinner, as we've yet to eat anything this evening. Night all!

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