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Lazy Day? Pretty Much...

Of course, Marilyn just vacuumed a room and did the treadmill -- so it wasn't a LAZY DAY for her! But for me? Yeah, pretty much!

I'm still dealing with the hormonal imbalance -- and not all that gracefully. But my sense of humor is good and I'm feeling more 'myself' -- which means I'm going around humming and singing the way I've done my whole life.

It's hard to believe that I'd actually STOPPED doing that for several months and didn't really notice it right away! Suddenly one day I thought to myself, 'I'm not singing the way I always have' -- and then I wondered WHY. Little did I know it could be due to hormones!

Look, I'm not an idiot. I know men need testosterone and women need estrogen. I get that. I know that when you have a hysterectomy (as I did years ago) that you're going to have issues with estrogen. But I was constantly encouraged by my doctor to get OFF estrogen supplements. And I'd read that some women didn't have serious issues. I haven't been on estrogen for YEARS. And I thought it was fine.

Here's a list of the many symptoms of estrogen deficiency: Constant fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, fibromyalgia signs, depression, low back pain, unexplained emotional behavior, poor memory, joint pain, swelling and stiffness, hair loss, drooping breasts (???!!!), facial hair and dry (and irritated) eyes. I hate to say it, but I've had almost ALL of these in recent years!

Marilyn is the one who has wondered many times if I needed estrogen, by the way. Since I was young, she's always noticed a certain 'quaver' to my voice that indicates hormonal change (which used to be when I was having my period -- she ALWAYS knew just by hearing me speak!). She's remarked on that sound many, many times. Of course, my hot flashes came back and have been really bad. We would both try to figure out if that could be due to other causes, like tooth infection and so on. I mean, yeah, it should have been OBVIOUS to me -- and to my doctor.

But HE'S the DOCTOR -- so why wasn't he putting together the tons of complaints I had and seeing this?

I think of the back pain alone that I've experienced! Or the headaches, considering I've NEVER been prone to headaches! I was thinking my hair loss (that's been up and down for ages) was due to diabetes -- but now I'm rethinking that.

I'd just remind all women -- of all ages -- that we NEED to be in balance with our estrogen! It's criminal to me to imagine not having that, considering all the ways it can hurt us...

I'm rambling, now, I know. But this is high on my list of concerns right now as I deal with getting BACK IN BALANCE. The recent forgetfulness is such a HUGE PAIN! I'm constantly forgetting my cell phone, for example. It's not like me at all.

Plus the idea that some of my bodily pains could end up GOING AWAY when I'm balanced again??? That's pretty appealing, I have to tell you!

Marilyn and I did get out and take a short drive today in the sunshine, which was lovely. We didn't go anywhere special, just out and about. It was nice to drive without needing to do chores...

And we went out for dinner (Chinese) this evening.

Now we're headed to bed. We have to be up in a very few hours -- and have a long day in front of us!

I'd better dash!

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