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Very Busy Friday.

Marilyn and I were at work by 8:00 a.m. this morning. I guess she had eight meetings today (!!!), if you can imagine that. I don't know how she does it!

First thing I went to Starbucks with Angel and Ashley and got a Chai Tea and a bite to eat. Then I got right to work when I came back.

I was really busy when Shari arrived. She was half an hour early, which wasn't convenient, but I made it work. We walked to Starbucks where she had Peppermint Hot Chocolate and I had my second drink of the day, a Caramel Brulee. We sat there and visited, then walked back to the office where there were several meetings happening.

We used Marilyn's office to visit more -- I opened part of my birthday presents from Shari and then I quickly showed her some Christmas photos on my iPad before she had to take off for home. It was nice!

I went directly from that to work with Donn. Marilyn went to lunch with Sue B., but I couldn't take the time away, as Donn and I were still in the middle of our task. We finished up just in time for me to go into my 1:00 meeting with Rich and Dickie about SmugMug. I did stop midway through and had the lunch Marilyn brought back for me -- but I started to get sick while eating, so I quit. (It might have been because of the MSG...) I went back into the meeting -- Dickie answered all of our major questions, plus he's a good teacher. I think both Rich and I came away feeling pretty comfortable about SmugMug and the future of our cyber photos.

Somewhere in all of that I managed to write the Copy for the website News item about our Toy Drive next Tuesday. Then I passed it by Carol and Marilyn, made edits and finally coded it and got it up on the Home page and News page.

After that I went directly into training with Mark. He seemed to understand everything I told him, so that's good.

We finally made it home by 8:00 p.m. I fixed dinner and we just got done eating. Now I'm sneezing like mad and tired as can be. I can't wait to lie down for a nap.

It was hard to get up this morning after how tired I was yesterday -- but I did fine. And I kept my energy most of the day (though I admit by 7:00 p.m. I was yawning and starting to crash).

Anyway, it was an EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE day. I got a lot done. Yeah, I could have done more, but oh well. I also mailed off a package to a friend at one point, too (now that I think of it). I'm glad the weather wasn't bad today. It was cold, but not raining.

I feel like I'm leaving things out (???), but I'm too tired to care.

Well, I'm off to take my new medication on my way to a nap! (woo hoo)

Marilyn and I need to go in and work at the office tomorrow, but that's okay. There's just stuff to get done. But the weekend has arrived and I'm glad! We're still planning to go to a movie with Rosanna -- probably on Sunday.

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