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Doctor Appointment -- But No Dentist Today!

Marilyn and I ended up at work until past midnight last night. Here's what Marilyn said at Facebook: It seems fitting that we spent the last two and a half hours of Charlie's birthday at the office. (Believe me, I'm celebrating the fact we got time for dinner and a great movie!)

And I said: This is who we are -- we're dedicated, that's for sure!

The annoying thing? I stupidly left my CELL PHONE at the office when we finally took off! That was bothersome, believe me.

So this morning, sister Sue is going to take me to my doctor appointment. And she's late (and she's NEVER late!). So I have it in my head she's been in a car accident. But I'm waiting for her outside (it was really pretty here -- and DRY this morning) -- and I've got NO cell phone (!!!). I go back inside and trying phoning her house (in case something is up there), but get no answer. When she finally arrives, she tells me she was the witness to a car accident -- and she barely missed being in the accident herself! The policeman was impressed that she'd reacted so well that she avoided it (I've been with her before when she did the same thing, by the way!). Anyway, a woman fainted in her car and hit two other people, so Sue had to give info to them so she could serve as a witness.

We were a little late for my appointment, but happily Sue was fine and her car was fine! We talked about the fact that we often pray when going out in a car, because who knows what will happen? Somebody was looking out for Sue today, thank God.

My appointment was a bit of a shock, I have to tell you. I went in assuming I had a bladder infection (I've been prone to them my entire life) -- and the symptoms seemed to indicate it. But my urine tested fine. So Practical Nurse Leslie Cody (my doctor just retired, you might recall) asked about all my symptoms and said she thought she knew what it was -- and she was going to need to do a pelvic exam. (heavy sigh)

I won't go into all the gory details, but I'm on another new medication that should help with the current discomfort (and pain) -- and may well help some other issues I've had, as well. So this is actually a good thing. I've been in a lot MORE discomfort all afternoon, evening and tonight, though -- probably due to the exam. (ouch)

After my appointment, Sue took me to see if the prescription was ready -- it wasn't. So then she took me downtown to get my cell. Wasn't that sweet of her??? And after that, back to (finally) get the new medication!

I started the medication this afternoon, but it will take some time for it to kick in, according to the pharmacist. The sooner the better, I'm telling you! I'm feeling kind of crappy right now. (sigh)

Marilyn and the Staff went to City Hall today for the presentation on the economic impact of the festival for Portland. I would have LOVED to be there, if I hadn't needed to see the doctor... It went well, and I was home in time to see the very end where the members of the City Council spoke (the Mayor mentioned Marilyn!!!). When Sue took me to the office there was nobody there, with everyone having gone to this. This was part of the reason Marilyn and I were working late last night, by the way...

Because this event ran long, Marilyn didn't make her trip to Spirit Mountain for the afternoon meeting (Carol and Christie had to go without her). So she came home to take me to my afternoon dental appointment. But when we got there, Mary (my dentist) was crying -- really upset and wiping tears away (her whole face was red). So Marilyn said we'd do it another time, which Mary really appreciated. I set a new appointment for December 19 -- so I won't be going to the appointment I had for next Wednesday, either. Which means when we go to City Hall next week (for an entirely different reason), I'll be able to attend! I'm glad!

Thanks, again, to everyone who offered me such lovely birthday greetings yesterday and today! It really means a lot to me.

Marilyn and I had some ice cream tonight -- a belated birthday treat. We've been avoiding most sweets recently (like cookies, cake and so on). But we do have vanilla ice cream now and again. What we find is that you can't deny yourself too much, if you want to be successful with healthy eating. My weight today at the doctor was far better than it has been, so I'm feeling good about it. And Marilyn was happy about how her uniform jacket was fitting her today. So I guess we're doing something right. (smile)

I have a TON of stuff to get done tomorrow. It boggles the mind, really. I'd kind of like to be taking it easy, but I'd say that's not happening... Oh well. It looks like Rosanna might come by the house tomorrow night.

I'm meeting friend Shari downtown on Friday. And I have two important meetings that day (one with Mark). Plus I want to work with Donn to finish up what didn't get done on Tuesday. I think it's going to be a busy day!

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