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Busy Day of Errands!

Today was a really busy day, full of errands Marilyn and I needed to get done.

It started with a 9:00 appointment at her doctor, where they needed a blood sample. We were there early, and it should have taken ten to fifteen minutes, tops. Which is why Marilyn was so burned that we were there until 10:00! (yikes)

After that we went to our nail place. Marilyn had badly chipped one fingernail, so she got a repair done. Then we had breakfast, and went home to get the stuff I needed to renew my Oregonian ID card (which was expiring tomorrow). They've CHANGED the requirements, so I was worried about it, wondering if I'd have what was needed.

We tried to go to the DMV at one place and found it had closed a year ago. We went to the place in our area, which was PACKED -- there were 25 (!!!) people in front of me. And, no, I didn't have what I needed! My birth certificate that I've used my entire life isn't any good as ID now (it was submitted by the hospital where I was born, and even includes my baby footprints). So we had to go to another building to get my 'real' birth certificate (a $25 cost, plus parking for the government building). At least it didn't take long (unlike the two hour wait at the DMV). Then we had to back to the DMV, again. There we realize we don't have cash or checks, which is ALL they'll take! So Marilyn dashes to the bank and I'm bumped out of line to wait. At least there are less people at this point!

We're pushing it to get this done, as Marilyn has a 5:00 meeting downtown she has to get to...

She brings the money and my stuff is FINALLY processed (the cost is $40.50, by the way). Then I have to wait around to get my photo taken. Finally I'm given my temporary ID, and told I'll get the real thing in the mail (you used to get the plastic card same-day, so that's another change).

We got home and Marilyn got a (very short) rest before taking off for her meeting. I walked to the corner store for some candy we both wanted (it was thankfully DRY all), then came home and started dinner.

The next thing I know, Marilyn is calling and on her way home! Her meeting was at 4:00 -- not 5:00! So she missed most of it. But she'd taken them the bylaws, so that was the important thing. And they did ask her to consider staying on the Board, but she declined. She's been with PSSCA for two and a half years, now, and really enjoyed it -- but it was time for her to change all these extra activities and have some time for herself. These people were very appreciative of the things she did, which means a lot. We both think a lot of them.

We've had dinner and watched some TV -- and now it's time for a much-needed nap! We stayed up pretty late last night, and we're both tired out...

I really need to scan my hospital birth certificate and share it sometime! It's amazing. And I could blog several times about today, that's for sure! But I'm done for today...

Tomorrow I'm going to the office. I have Donn coming in and some major IT things to do. Plus I may work Friday, too -- and meet Shari downtown briefly at some point.

The plan for tomorrow night is dinner and a movie (the three sisters). Sounds GREAT to me!

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