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Cozy Day -- Pretty Much at Home...

Marilyn and I had planned to go to the office today, but that just didn't happen. We did go out and buy our ornaments for the beach house Christmas tree, as we wanted an entirely different color scheme than in the past. Marilyn has a vision of what a 'beach tree' should look like -- and I really want her to have exactly what's she's been picturing since we first started the whole process of getting our house in Seaside. Hopefully it's going to turn out PERFECT for her -- that would certainly be the goal.

We also hunted around for some bazaars while we were out, but didn't find any of those we attended last year around this time. It used to be that The Oregonian -- our major local newspaper -- always did a bazaar listing every year. It was provided free to everyone holding bazaars, and helped people find where they would go from September through December. But there's nothing like that anymore -- and it's almost impossible to find bazaars online, interestingly enough! I'd think it would have become easier, but that's not true...

Going by SIGNS posted around is a pretty tough way to discover bazaars, I think. But it seems to be pretty much the only way now... That's neither here nor there, anyway, as we're minding our spending pretty closely and don't really want to use a lot of money at bazaars right now. But we did have fun at several new ones we attended in 2011, so we just wondered if we could find them again. I guess not! We had a couple right here in north Portland that we didn't even bother going to. And neighbor June had wanted me to go to one being held near where sister Sue lives -- but though it was both yesterday and today, June wanted to go on Friday. I was working, so I couldn't go.

Both Marilyn and I have had sore legs today. We took a walk during the day -- then she walked from parking the car over to the Keller, and we both walked back to the car after the event last night. So that's more walking than we're admittedly used to. Besides the fact that our legs did get soaked by the rain and somewhat chilled driving home wet. No big deal, but not surprising we were a little sore.

I'm still fighting my cold, but it's not all that bad. I have a sore throat and am congested. And I've been tired. So when we got back home we had a bite to eat and I went to bed. A nap was just what I wanted -- and I took a long one! Marilyn even tried to wake me up with no success, apparently -- we'd been talking about going to the show tonight. Well, I read a tiny bit (still love my Kindle to pieces), but I mostly slept. Sleep is a wonderful thing, no doubt about it.

So now we'll try to get in the office to work tomorrow, which is fine by me. It doesn't really matter if we do that Saturday or Sunday, after all.

Oh! I forgot to mention that while we were out we went back to the Marquardt Farms in Scappoose, Oregon to get a wreath, again (as mentioned last year in my blog, HERE).

We had fish sticks, popcorn shrimp and clam strips for dinner (all frozen that we baked in the oven). I slightly burnt the fish sticks (sigh), but they still tasted good! I actually enjoyed the food quite a bit. (smile)

And that's our Saturday!

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