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The Singing Christmas Tree -- Michael W. Smith!

Marilyn paid for the three of us (sister Sue, Marilyn and me) to attend the 50th ANNIVERSARY GALA of the Singing Christmas Tree, featuring Michael W. Smith, tonight at the Keller. We had a WONDERFUL time! There aren't even words for how amazing the entire program was. And we were thrilled to see Smitty, as we're huge fans...

After the show it was POURING down rain (!!!) -- and Marilyn had parked at our office, which was blocks away. Sue waited with friend Debbie at the Keller, while Marilyn and I forded 'rivers' to get to the car. Let's just say it's fabulous to be home and in dry clothes, as we were soaked.

Today was a work day at the office, and very busy for both of us. Donn came in and we tackled some IT issues, while Marilyn had several meetings.

Aside from my work with Donn, I got the RHSAA eNewsletter (the end-of-year appeal) out this morning, showed Marilyn how to do a blog entry for PSSCA and did some festival website work, among other tasks. It was a very productive day!

Marilyn and I took a walk today with Angel, which was nice...

Tonight we sat with friend Debbie, who is a member of the Clown Corps. Friend Penny was singing on the tree (she's also a Clown). And friend Jodi works as a Tree volunteer, and we got to see her, too.

This is the last day of November -- and we already have the Starlight application up at the website (nearly a month early!) and the Clown Corps page updated for 2013 (easily months early!). Terrific!

Also, I've blogged every day this month except for the first. Not bad! Plus I've been reading and commenting to blogs at LJ almost every day, as well.

A productive month at LiveJournal!

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