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Dental Woes? Noes. (grin) Well, A Little Bit...

This morning's dental appointment was actually to FINISH UP the second half of my last root canal (which I mentioned HERE). I guess I hadn't realized it wasn't done (!!!), silly me! If you read the entry I just linked, you'll find that I'm pretty much whining about the pain.

Well, different day, same issue! Hahahahahaha. Yeah, I can kind of laugh, but not really. I'm in some serious pain right now, preparing to do what Mary (my dentist) told me to do when she sent me home (hours ago) -- take the heavy-duty pain meds and lie down.

Thankfully, sister Sue took me to my appointment. She's so good about doing that! Anyway, I got there at 10:00, but wasn't done for ages today. Even though Mary had given me a big shot, she had to give me more (directly inside the tooth) during the work, it hurt so bad. And even then it didn't really stop the pain...

After the work was done, I asked WHY this root canal was so painful. I mean, I've had TONS of root canals over the years, and normally I don't think anything of them. You know, people will be commiserating with me and so kind about it, and I'll be acting like it's no big deal (and I usually feel that's true). Holly spoke up and mentioned that because it was a wisdom tooth it had three roots, rather than just one. Mary has had a couple root canals recently herself and said wisdom teeth just tend to hurt more. So I guess that's it. Ouch! I'm really ready to be out of pain any time now. (I know, stop bitching about it. It is what it is, after all!)

I even had to make a new 'ouch' icon in honor of this! Hahahahaha. My old one didn't seem to quite cut it...

I've done some website work for the festival (an interesting situation where I accidentally removed a page that needed to be there -- it's more complicated than that, so it took several codings of more than one page to fix). And I worked some more on the RHSAA end of year appeal eNewsletter, too.

Sue and I did go for coffee after my appointment (Starbucks at Freddies) -- and to pick up my prescriptions, hair color and a Powerball ticket. Okay, I KNOW that the Powerball is not to be used for investment purposes. Got it. Thanks. But come on! It was at $500 million last night and is now up to $550 million today. So whatever, I 'invested' $6. I know the odds are ridiculous, but you certainly can't win if you don't play at all. And I like the few hours of dreaming what we'd do with all that money. (smile)

The first things we always think about are giving a huge chunk to the festival -- and helping out people we know who really are in need. I can't remember a single time when Marilyn and I have even talked about how we'd spend money on ourselves, believe it or not. We'd set up a foundation to help manage the money for charities, which would be awesome to do. There's so much good that could come out of a huge sum of money like that...

Of course we'd pay off our bills and be able to stop worrying about money. But that's really the least of it, I think. The DREAM is about the GOOD that could come of it. And it's a sweet dream -- well worth $6!

Off to lie down for an hour (maybe). Then I'll get up and be more productive (again). Still fighting off a cold, but not going over to really sick so far -- which is a good thing.

I just glanced at my lists of names sitting in front of me. You can't write a novel with loads of characters without giving them names! (smile) And I want them to have certain names that I like, or that mean something to me...

I hope all of you are having a good day -- and good dreams! (hugs)

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