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Long and Busy Day...

Marilyn finally got home from work just before 9:00 p.m. tonight. She had a long day, with no break to eat! We dashed to The Burrito House for bean dip and a taco each before they closed. Weird thing -- I was at their website right before we went there. I got the phone number to call and see when they closed... But now the site is down! How strange is that?

Anyway, on our way home we stopped briefly at Freddies to pick up a couple of things. Meaning we missed an hour of "Dancing With the Stars" (!!!), I'm afraid. Oh well, it seems we didn't really miss much, and have been here to see them compete... There's a lot of extra stuff going on tonight.

I'm sneezing like mad tonight. (sigh) Any chance I could get through the end of the year WITHOUT a major cold, please? I guess I'm whining now, but whatever. My dental alone this year has been enough to put up with.

I guess both sister Sue and friend Shari have colds right now. Sue didn't feel well over the weekend and seemed sorry she'd gone to her tournament, which makes me feel bad for her. I'll see her in the morning, as she has kindly agreed to take me to my dental appointment at 10:00.

Shari and I were going to try and meet on Friday, but she doesn't want to go out until she feels better -- and I don't blame her.

Donn is coming in Friday, but if I get worse I might blow that off. My fingers are crossed that I'll be fine, though...

Melissa and Tony just won on "Dancing With the Stars" -- they were both Marilyn's and my choice. This was an exciting season!

I worked on the appeal for RHSAA today. The goal is for it to go out Friday.

I also started writing a novel I've had in mind for months -- I want Marilyn and I to write it together, as a collaboration. It was exciting to finally start on it. We'll see how it goes...

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