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We're Back in Portland...

We took off from the beach house this morning and got back to Portland by 1:30 p.m. We'd LOVED our vacation in Seaside (!!!), but it's also good to be home, too. (How BLESSED are we to have TWO homes???)

It was SO COLD when we got here! We left the furnace off by mistake (!!!) and came home to a house that was only 57° (yikes)!!! That was NOT a good thing... (sigh)

Just sharing a photo of the corner of the family room that I took with my iPad. Nothing special, just a reminder of a room Marilyn and I love. (grin) Clicking it will go to the full-sized photo, by the way...


Watched "Love It or List It" tonight, "Dancing With the Stars" and "Revolution" -- Marilyn and I enjoyed all three! We're huge fans of "Love It or List It," and can watch various episodes over and over again. We've been really into this season of "Dancing With the Stars" and are excited to see who will win. And we're big fans of "Revolution," which is a really different show, but interesting. We especially love Miles and Charlie. And I think Aaron Pittman is a cool character -- very much an ordinary guy that you can relate to! (I like characters who don't have perfect bodies. I mean, come on, people! Don't we all know loads of FAT people? I am one! And yet TV and the movies just don't begin to show many of them...)

As usual I'm blogging right before midnight. Go figure! I've been trying to change that up more recently, but I'm not that good at working it in during the day. Not sure why...

I love LiveJournal and interacting with Friends here! I've really been trying to comment more often (and not just read without commenting, which I often do).

I'm also a lot more active at Facebook than I used to be. I interact with some of the same people there as at LJ, but often I reach people I wouldn't connect with otherwise. I still prefer LJ, but FB has uses, too...

I'm really fighting off a cold. I haven't yet been seriously sick this autumn, thankfully, in spite of the fact that I deal with some awful seasonal allergies this time of year. I did ask my doctor about it, but he pretty much ignored that. I guess his agenda isn't necessarily my agenda -- or he just prefers to focus on certain aspects of my health, as opposed to others. It's a moot point, with him having retired. (sigh) I now need a new doctor -- and I'm not slated to see on until February. So I'll muddle along and manage my own health until then. Frankly, we all have to be pro-active about our personal health, anyway, so it's probably just as well!

My retired doctor never even discussed diet with me, ever, which you think would be important considering my diabetes. I'm really trying to work on that right now -- and to focus on exercise, too (which at least he did discuss with me from time to time). Ultimately, our doctors don't determine how we deal with our diets and exercise, anyway -- WE do that. And hopefully I've made some positive changes recently!

All that is a ramble! I was simply saying I'm trying to deal with this cold that's trying to bite my ass -- and I hope I'll continue to stay on top of it. I really don't want to face December (and my upcoming birthday) with a damn cold!
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