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"Revenge" Thanksgiving? Can't Wait!

Tonight is the "Revenge" Thanksgiving show -- can't wait to see it! (grin) And "The Walking Dead" is on, too, of course. We hardly ever miss either show. Sunday has turned into a good night for TV for us, that's for sure...

Today Marilyn and I found a WHITE TREE for our beach house -- which was exactly what we wanted. Our goal? We wanted an artificial tree, all white. Ideally we'd wanted it to have lights, but we couldn't find one! We saw a 'somewhat' white one at Home Depot that was $300 (!!!) -- not what we wanted -- and way, way too much $$$. The sales woman suggested trying RiteAid (of all places) -- and that's where we found the tree we got, believe it or not!

We came home and had to put the entire thing together -- all the bottom branches had to be separated and attached. It took quite some time. No lights included, but it was super-reasonable, price-wise. It fits the corner where we want it perfectly. Now we just have to get decorations in the colors we want (very beachy -- Marilyn has been imagining this tree since LAST Christmas, which was before we even got the house!!!). We suspect the ornaments will be far more expensive than the tree (smile)...

This morning we took a walk into Seaside. It was dry, but COLD (brr) -- and a lovely time! We saw kites flying on the beach and after walking to the turnaround went back to the Pig 'N Pancake and had breakfast, which included hot tea (in place of coffee).

As a matter of fact, I'm enjoying a cup of tea as I type this. Sometimes we'll get on a 'tea kick' and drink quite a bit of tea. Generally we have it sweetened with a little bit of milk. Lovely!

I had to change out one of my recent icons when I discovered it was over-writing (or something even weirder!) an older icon that I've used for years! So I made some changes to the original design while I was at it. (grin) Now I should be able to use both icons with no trouble (I hope, anyway!).

We have to head for Portland first thing in the morning. I should be doing some cleaning right now (!!!) to be prepared. I'd better go clean the cat boxes when I end this, anyway...

It's always hard to leave our beach house. We just relax so much while we're here and have such a lovely time! But we love both of our homes, so that's okay...

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