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Bond Movie -- Best Ever!

How much did we LOVE the new Bond movie, "Skyfall"?

Marilyn and I went to see the film again today. it was even better the second time around! And it really doesn't seem like it's two ans a half hours long. (Both times we saw it they bothered to mention the length! They must worry people will find it too long...)

This 50th Anniversary movie has some delightful surprises (no, I won't spoil, I promise), by the way.

It makes me smile to go and see a movie we really like more than once -- something we've done our entire lives, by the way. No, not as much in recent years, I admit. But we used to keep count years ago... (grin)

For those who care about such things, there's a nice slashy moment in this movie. (Don't you dare miss the WINK. No, I'm not referring to the other slashy scene...)

And for the younger women looking for a new male interest, Q is quite entertaining (and a computer geek, to boot).

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