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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Marilyn, the cats and I are all having a lovely Thanksgiving Day, here at our beach house! It has been mild today, with no rain -- really lovely.

I slept in REALLY late (smile), with Colin cuddled up with me under the covers -- and Henry on the other side of me part of the time.

After I got up and had my morning Activia and coffee, Marilyn went off for her daily walk. I stayed home, as I seem to be trying to catch a cold (I'm fighting it hard!). She discovered that the Pig 'N Pancake would actually be open until 3:00 p.m. today, so we could get a meal there. (Seriously, folks, there are very few places OPEN here in Seaside on Thanksgiving Day!)

Before I say more, I want to wish all my American friends (who celebrate) a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Marilyn had an omelet and I had fried clams -- and then we both had pumpkin pie (!!!) for dessert. It was a nice Thanksgiving meal. And call us crazy, but we happen to like the Pig 'N Pancake. That's where we were when we signed the paperwork to get our beach house, just for the record. We've had many wonderful meals there over the years (including meals with sister Sue and deceased friend Mitch).

Speaking of Mitch, we're missing him today. We didn't always see him for Thanksgiving, but we almost always talked to him. I know it's normal to miss our loved ones on holidays. But I'd like to think he's here with us in spirit (as are other loved ones who have passed on).

I feel very, very blessed on this Thanksgiving. I have a long list of things I'm thankful for! I'm thankful for my sisters, Marilyn and Sue, who are wonderful sisters and friends. I'm thankful for my entire family/extended family, which includes all my friends, and especially my cyber friends -- who are so important to me! (Thanks to YOU for being a part of my life.) I'm thankful for my job, that I truly love. I'm thankful for both our homes -- and especially thankful this year to have our wonderful beach house as a part of our lives. I'm thankful for the award I was nominated for and won this year -- and for all the kindnesses I received because of it. I'm thankful for my improving health (diabetes seems better and dental health is much improved) and potential for even better health. I'm thankful for good neighbors. I'm thankful for my talents and skills and the ability to keep learning more. I'm thankful for whatever wisdom I've gained and for the part prayer plays in my life.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but that's a start, anyway!

Marilyn and I want to catch a nap -- then we'll be off to see a movie. After that we're actually going to go to Black Friday here at the local mall! It opens at midnight, and we think it might be fun just to check it out, anyway. We normally avoid it pretty much back in Portland, but we're thinking it might be less hectic here. I guess we'll see!

I hope all my friends are having a good day -- whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving or not. And that your lives are healthy and happy.
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