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At Our Beach House (finally)...

Marilyn, the cats (Colin and Henry) and I made it down to the beach house today. At one point it was looking if-y. We knew our friend Rosanna had to put her dad in the hospital, so we were making ourselves available for her for the first part of the day -- offering to sit with her at the hospital, or whatever she needed. Originally we'd planned to leave at noon. Later we rolled that back to 2:00 p.m. And we were ready to just ditch the trip entirely today -- considering all Rosanna is going through. It's hard to care if our plans don't go the way we'd hoped, considering. But Rosanna encouraged us to go, so we finally did. Much later than planned, so we were driving in the dark, which we'd hoped to avoid. (sigh)

Part of the time it rained (hard!) and there was a TON of heavy traffic -- no surprise! But the cats were really good. Colin got sick about 20 minutes before we reached the house, poor guy. He threw up a huge fur ball! But somehow he missed his foam pad and towel and only soiled the actual plastic of his crate -- so cleanup wasn't that hard. Anyway, even with some drawbacks, we made it here safely.

Then we put out the additional decorations for Thanksgiving that we brought along. And unpacked all the stuff from the car. The cats settled in just fine. And we put the clean sheets on our beds (we take our laundry to do it).

Then we went to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner, got gas for the car and picked up a few things at Safeway. Oh! Yes, we drove down to the turnaround to see the ocean. Broadway was dead quiet! Barely a person in sight...

We tried to get dinner reservations for tomorrow, but the place we wanted to go to is booked solid. It doesn't matter. If we can't find a place to eat out, we'll just dine on snacks or whatever here at home. We're neither of us into traditional Thanksgiving fare (we never were), and our favorite pizza was a happy replacement many times. Right now we're both avoiding pizza, though, so we'll have protein, for sure.

The important thing is to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS and give thanks -- which we do all the time, anyway! The food isn't essential to us.

It is lovely to be here, in our beloved beach house. The power is on, the furnace is working and all is cozy. Cable is fine -- we were worried it might have been knocked out. First the telephone pole on the corner being messed up in a car accident, and then the terrible storm! We're not sure yet about the food in the fridge, so we'll probably toss some (if not all) of it. But that's okay, too.

Marilyn is snoozing on the sofa and Henry is sleeping in a tent (on the chair). Only Colin and I are awake...

We decided not to go to a movie tonight, as we were both tired. Maybe tomorrow. There are several things we'd like to see. "Lincoln" isn't playing here, though, so we won't be seeing that...

Praying tonight for Rosanna and her Dad (as we've done much of today). They did more tests before releasing him home, and the results were bad. I hope they can at least enjoy having family with them tomorrow...

Neighbors June and Jim, and Janet and Doug (and Cheryl) are ALL watching the Portland house for us while we're away. That's so good of them.

I hope all my friends who celebrate Thanksgiving will have a nice holiday -- and spend it in some happy fashion.

And, yes, we miss loved ones on this day -- parted from us either by distance or death. But memories can be wonderful things and keep us going.

Hugs to all of you!

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