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Another Rainy Day in Portland...

We had yet another very rainy -- and stormy -- day in Portland. But our plan is to leave tomorrow morning to head to the beach house. (Marilyn's weather research made us wary to try going today. Besides, we had errands to run, which will include a quick trip to Walmart very soon...)

We did get in and have our pedicures and manicures done, which is always a big deal as we put them off for as long as we possibly can. I did a very 'holiday' version for both my pedicure and manicure. I need to take photos and share at some point. The toes are my usual gold with a red and green glitter top layer. And my fingers are a bronze color that I've never done before, that is also very glittery. Anyway, I'm happy with how both turned out. (This will be what I have for my birthday, so I wanted to go all out.)

Marilyn and I did end up getting "Brave" On Demand and watching it last night -- and we LOVED it! I know there were people who really didn't like it, but I can't imagine why. I won't spoil in case any of you haven't seen it, yet -- but I highly recommend this movie. Two very strong female characters, by the way! (Princess Merida and her mother Queen Elinor). But there's not a single truly 'bad' character in this movie, which is one of the things I like about it. It's both beautiful and fun -- a nice combo.

So far we still haven't had any more flooding here at our Portland house, thank God. I'm hopeful it will remain true during all the rain this winter. Driving out today was interesting, to say the least -- there was flooding on streets all over the place, plus signs of the wind, with trees and tree branches down everywhere. Nasty!

Sister Sue was going to maybe come down and stay at least one night while we were at the beach, but she's cooking dinner for her own family here in Portland on Thanksgiving, and has a cribbage tournament (which she's been going to and not going to on and off) this weekend. So I guess she'll make it another time.

I 'found' one of my favorite free animation softwares among my downloaded stuff yesterday, after hunting around. It's what I use to make most of my 'rain' icons: Sqirlz Water Reflections. I was surprised to find that you really can't get it 'free' anymore online -- without risking a malware download, anyway. I wonder why? I checked about four sites before giving it up. I was glad I still had a copy prior to that crap! As much as I like it, I'd never use it again if I had to risk putting some unnecessary stuff on my computer...

Anyway, I made some new 'rain' icons and hope to make some more, too. This software lets you make the little pools of water that are so fun (smile). I use to have people asking me to do tutorials on how I created icons with it, but it's SUPER complicated -- and there's no way I could ever explain it, in all honesty. I barely remember the steps myself and have to play with it and play with it to get what I want, so I don't feel qualified to do my usual tutorials, I'm afraid. Plus now I wouldn't even know where to send people to find a SAFE copy of the software to use! (That sucks.) I think they would have been better off making it a paid software -- for a small fee -- than doing this enforced download of unsafe crap. Such an interesting software! Oh well. I suppose they must make their money from the enforced downloads (some partnership).

Well, I guess that's it for today! Marilyn and I are off to Walmart.

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