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Jeremy Renner on SNL -- Plus a Busy Saturday...

Looking forward to seeing actor Jeremy Renner on Saturday Night Light -- Marilyn and I have been fans for a very long time.

I managed to wrap most of the gifts for friend Shari this morning. Then we went out to the place where she now lives for the first time. It's actually not that far away from where her house used to be! The nice thing is that she's close to all the places she used to shop (etc.) in the past.

She has a decent-sized bedroom and her cat really likes it there, so it seems like a good place for her to be. The room holds her bed and two dressers, a large chair, plus her big screen TV and a small table. There are two large closets, so she has a lot of storage space, too. The bathroom is right next to her room and there's also a living room and kitchen (with easy access to laundry). I think it's a nice home. (I know Shari's not 100% happy about being there, but she really can't be on her own anymore and needs the constant care they offer there.)

We took along five large bags of stuff, as we hadn't ever had a chance to give her the stuff for last year's birthday (she got sick in December of last year and was in the hospital and so on). Anyway, she seemed very pleased with everything and I'm glad we were able to see her.

Marilyn and I went directly from there to the office. I walked over to pick up my glasses, which were ready (convenient now that my eye doctor is downtown). We worked around four and a half hours before heading home. Marilyn had done bills this morning (while I was wrapping stuff for Shari), so we took those to the post office on our way home.

We got home about 9:30 p.m. Then I talked to sister Sue for a little bit. After that I made some dinner and we ate. Now we're planning to have ice cream while watching SNL. I need to go get it ready, because it's almost time for the show!

And that's pretty much our day, in a nutshell, anyway.

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