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SPAM -- Revisited...

I've had a hard time checking for notification emails for LiveJournal for some time now. What does that mean? When people comment to my entries, I frequently don't know they have, at least not right away. And the same is true for replies to my comments, of course. Neither here nor there -- I went from using one email for this purpose (that I always was able to check right away) to different one (that I have never gotten used to checking). My goal? To get BETTER about checking this in the future (fingers crossed)!!!

The whole LiveJournal SPAM thing I discussed previously? My, it's quite out of control! Yes, I plan to keep on posting public entries. I've rarely ever posted 'friends only' -- and even more rarely posted 'private' (which I use for messages for myself). I don't see this changing for me, really. I know a lot of reasons why people filter their entries, but my goal has always to post public stuff, and I hope to continue with that.

Yes, it does mean I automatically am a target for SPAM -- because anonymous commenters obviously can't post to filtered entries. This mostly amuses me, even though there's been a TON of it during the month of November. But as I've mentioned to a couple of people, it's a simple two-step process to delete the SPAM, so no big deal. And it NEVER shows up in my journal, because I've used the Comment Screening (located HERE) to screen anonymous comments.

You can further set Spam Protection on that same page (located HERE) -- Comments and messages from users identified as potential spammers will be marked as spam and moved to a special section.

As I've been looking through my email notifications, I've been struck by how odd it is that really OLD entries (even from 2004, for example) are being SPAMMED. I don't get why anyone would waste their time on that! Even I rarely go back that far to read over an entry or the comments -- so what's the point? Generally the SPAM seems to be trying to sell things, but you can't sell something if nobody ever sees it. I mean, if the odds are horrible that anyone would ever go to a page, why bother?

Besides, as I already pointed out, no anonymous comments display for me, period. So...

Never let the SPAM get you down, though! Don't let the bastards win this battle! Yes, it's a pain and it's stupid. But I prefer to find it funny, above all.

Imagine the amount of time that goes into all this SPAM. People could be doing something actually PRODUCTIVE with that wasted effort!

Speaking of, I need to get back to my productive activities! (grin)

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