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Recent LiveJournal Comment SPAM

Interestingly enough, every single time I post an entry to LiveJournal right now, I get SPAMMED like crazy. I generally receive five or more comments that are SPAM.

Yes, this has happened to me in the past, though not on such a large scale. Usually there would be certain posts that seem to attract SPAM -- and they'd be hit on and off all the time.

Now, though, I can't put up an entry without getting at least one SPAM comment. And as I said, it's usually far more...

The thing is, it's a total waste of time, as I filter comments. If someone puts up an anonymous comment, I have to okay it for it to display. People have to actually enter a CAPTCHA code, and they're clearly informed that the comment (will be screened) by LJ...

Gosh, people can certainly be stupid. I mean, obviously I'm going to delete without reading -- and I'm surely not going to unscreen so others can see it. Catch a clue, dumb SPAMMING commenters!

I wish it didn't amuse me so much. But somedays it just tickles me to death! Hahahahahahaha.

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