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My Sister, Sue -- and Rosa Parks

I didn't end up spending this day the way I planned to. But it's okay! My time was well spent...

I gave a large chunk of my time to my sister, Sue. I'm glad I did. She's preparing for gastric bypass surgery and needed to do a bunch of paperwork, which I happily helped her to organize and type up...

Sue mentioned today about when she got to meet Rosa Parks. She held Rosa's tiny hand in hers and told her that she'd been a lifelong inspiration to her. Sue says that Rosa replied by saying she hadn't done anything that others hadn't done. That she'd simply had to take a stand -- and she did it by sitting down.

Sue's been fortunate enough to meet many famous and amazing people. She just took a lengthy evaluation today and told me that some questions dealt with how she was affected by meeting or knowing important people -- and whether that made her feel important.

That gave us both pause, because we never tend to think of so-called 'important' people as different from anyone else. I praised Sue that she's never name dropped, though she's certainly had opportunities in her life. In fact, I'm the one who will mention that she received a special request by the President (of the United States) to appear at a women's conference some years back. I'm the one who likes to say that Sue met and talked (and walked) with Jimmy Carter and Hilary Clinton...

But not because I'm trying to name drop! Simply because it's amazing to me that knowing people who've shaped the world we live in hasn't changed my sister. She's still the same person who 'doesn't know a stranger' and is out-going with everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

I can actually imagine that Rosa Parks enjoyed meeting Sue, frankly. If we're getting down to brass tacks, Sue has been a person who has shaped our world. She was majorly involved in the non-smoking legislation that changed smoking regulations in the state of Oregon. And Oregon became the model for the entire nation regarding where and when someone could smoke. That's a pretty big thing, in all honesty. And as a leader in her union, she had a major impact on the jobs of literally hundreds of thousands of people in this country. Again, no small thing.

But the average cribbage player she sees on a weekly basis probably has no idea that Sue has walked with presidents, served in government or made changes that affected the health and finances of others.

In our family we joke that we're really just PWT -- our way of saying 'Poor White Trash.' Our family was just a tiny step above poor. And many of our ways undoubtedly resemble those of the TV show "Roseanne." We're not ashamed to admit it. What the hell, if anything it's just another sign of what people can do -- don't you think?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, too, has known and interacted with important people on a daily basis. And she's acknowledged as one of the top professionals in her industry, as well. But she makes a point of avoiding the attention of the public, and allows others to take the bows.

Yeah, Sue and I agreed that all people are the same to us. 'Important' or no, they're important to us...

I just want to say here that I'm proud of Sue. She may have serious weight and health issues and she may have had to declare bankruptcy and have financial issues, but she's an amazing person. I'm lucky to have her as a sister and a friend.

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