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Marilyn's Dental, Ordered Oil and More...

Marilyn had a 9:30 a.m. appointment for her root canal with the endodontist (we were early) -- and was there until past 12:00 noon. For those keeping track, that took more than two and a half hours! Just imagine keeping your mouth open that long -- and Marilyn has a very small mouth, too... Poor thing.

But at least it's finally over. They had to cut the top off her crown to do the work, so she'll need to go back in to see Mary to get the crown fixed. Hopefully on December 5, when I have my next appointment -- and if they can't fit her in then, she can just have my appointment! Works for me...

My next appointment (for another root canal) is this coming Wednesday at 2:00...

As her appointment was downtown, we stopped at Lloyd Center on the way home and went by Hot Topic to pick up tee shirts to wear for "Breaking Dawn - Part Two" next week. Yes, we have our tickets (for us and sister Sue), and we can't wait! Interestingly enough, they're for 10:00 p.m., rather than midnight. That's actually a really good thing, I think. Attending midnight movies can be hard when you have to work the following day.

When we got home I (finally!!!) went outside to stick the oil. We suspected it was down, but actually we still had right around 100 gallons. We last ordered oil (as you can read HERE) this past February, when we purchased 100 gallons for $404 -- which still seems outrageously high. Thankfully it was down a little. We ordered 200 gallons to be delivered tomorrow, for $736 (making it $368 per 100 gallons), which should hold us for some time. (It's nice to be getting it before we go below 100 gallons, for a change! Last time we went to 80 gallons, and it's never good to get that low...)

While out there I also tied down the tarp we have in the back yard, to protect that one spot from flooding. The tarp was there, but I'd never secured it decently, so the ground near it was soggy. I just can't face more flooding (!!!), so hopefully the work today will keep us dry inside the house. I managed to cut open my right pinky (sigh) while preparing wire to hold it down, but it was worth it...

Next big outside job is to secure the basement windows, which needs to happen really SOON. It gets pretty cold if we don't do that, as those windows just aren't made for keeping out winter weather. I often use cardboard to cover them, but I don't know what I'll use this year. I'm thinking I'd prefer to use plastic, but it certainly doesn't insulate all that well. I guess we'll see how it goes! Marilyn heard we're in for a snow year, so we'll probably need something to keep things warm.

All in all the house stays pretty tight without totally eliminating fresh air. We like the balance, because we think it's not healthy to have things to the point where there's no air circulation at all. Our furnace does keep us well heated, anyway, so we have no worries there. Gee, I should have asked about them bringing us out a filter for our furnace! I don't know if they'd do that when delivering the oil or not. But we do need one -- and it's NOT the kind you can go and buy at the store. (These are spendy puppies that cost $45 or more...)

Speaking of, the filter for the beach house furnace had been replaced -- and the guy even said that had saved us $45 on a replacement! Those things aren't the cheap $10 ones that you see at Lowe's and Home Depot.

My sinuses are bothering me today -- I'm very stuffed up. Oh well. I did have a killer headache at one point, though! Very annoying. I took 'blue' meds and had a nap and it went away, for which I'm very grateful. I don't usually get headaches, thankfully.

Marilyn and I are getting ready to have ice cream and coffee before bed -- just as soon as I finish up this blog entry! We had refried beans to eat today, which happily we both love. Staying with protein has us both feeling more healthy, and my blood sugar is pretty good (in spite of dumping the Metformin).

Sister Sue is continuing to try and get her water weight off on her own, now that's she's home from the hospital -- which is a very good thing. I hope it continues to work for her! Sue and Marilyn (and me, too) were watching the last tennis match of the year today, between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in the final of the ATP finals in London today. Djokovic (who is currently ranked 1) took it 7-6 (6), 7-5 from Federer (currently ranked 2). They've all now got two months off before the Australian Open next year!

I'm re-reading part of the Twilight books, getting ready for next week. (And because I've finished THREE of the Mary Russell books -- and don't want to pay for another one just yet. Those books are so well-written and entertaining! It's hard to go from them to Stephenie Meyer and her BAD writing, but at least I'm entertained by the characters and the stories she tells...)

And that's it for today!

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