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Happy Veteran's Day!

First off, Happy Veteran's Day, everyone! Marilyn had me scan a photo of our dad in his uniform -- he was one heck of a good looking guy, I have to say. Doesn't he look like a KID in this picture? It's hard to believe how young he was...


I look a lot like my dad, actually (always have). It's interesting looking at this photo, because I think all three of us (Marilyn, sister Sue and me) look like dad in some way...

I have Dad's wings on my dresser -- I've had them for years. It always makes me feel good to see them...

So, Marilyn and I are getting ready to have our night time bowl of ice cream with coffee -- it's a habit we've had for many years and really enjoy (though we certainly don't do it every night, by a long shot). Vanilla ice cream and a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee -- you can't beat that! (smile)

We watched "The Walking Dead" -- but have yet to watch "Revenge." Daryl was pretty amazing tonight, holding and feeding the baby. I'm sure women everywhere were going nuts for that scene! (grin) Gotta love Daryl.

I went back to Wikipedia to read everything that happened in the comic series -- I often feel it gives insight to who will die (like Shane and Lori), even though they've changed the plot extensively. One hopes the TV series won't kill off as many people as the comics, but considering all the characters who've died, I guess there's no telling. I still find it hard to believe they got rid of Shane and Dale -- and now T-Dog. Who will be next? And did Carol buy it, or not???

Oh well. I try not to be invested in the characters, but what's the point of watching a show if you're not going to care about the various characters? I just hope nothing happens to Daryl!

Rick was a maniac this week. And the Governor appears to be a very odd man, with his zombie daughter. I agree with the Tweet I saw that asked why so many characters seem to be all over keeping zombies, like pets. What the hell is that about, anyway??? It doesn't seem smart or safe to me. I'd get it -- maybe -- if they used them for some experimental purpose. And I guess Michonne used them like 'Walker repellant' -- which certainly makes sense (even if it's a sick kind of sense). But really? Would you want them around you? (sigh)

Well, off for ice cream and coffee! Good night!
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