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Holiday Bazaar and More...

Today is a PERFECT day to stay in bed. But Marilyn and I had promised to attend the Holiday Bazaar at Pioneer Methodist Church. This was the church we were brought up in, by the way. But currently it's the church of our neighbors, June and Jim. June was working the room with the jewelry and Jim was working in the kitchen (as he always does). We agreed to have lunch with June at noon, so we headed over to do exactly that.

We didn't end up spending much money there. We picked up a couple of things for our friend Shari, though. We like to spend something in order to support the church, of course.

Lunch was chili dogs (June had soup). I also ran into our neighbor Gladys from up the street -- we often see her there, interestingly enough.

When we got back home we got back in comfy clothes and watched some TV. Then we both snoozed most of the day away. I read a little on my Kindle, too -- but not all that much. We both played with our iPads and did little else all day...

Sister Sue did end up being released from the hospital today. They got around 10 pounds of water weight off -- not even half of what her doctor had hoped for. But her doctor is out of town and unable to be reached. So the hospital residents over-ruled Sue staying in for the process of getting her down to her 'dry' weight. I don't understand how this could happen. Sue's very frustrated, and I don't blame her. She finally wrapped her head around the idea of going in to have this done -- and then they decide not to keep her.

She's been trying to get the water off on her own for months now with little to no success, which is why they put her in the hospital. Her legs have been terribly swollen -- especially the right leg. To the point where she's been in a lot of pain, and even had water coming out in the form of blisters (!!!). Obviously retaining water is bad for her lungs, and with her serious lung condition, that means she has a hard time breathing when she does anything...

Anyway, once they want you out of the hospital, there's very little you can do to fight it. Sue tried to contact the LPN who is 'in charge' while her doctor is away -- but was unable to reach her. I don't think it would have mattered, as doctors aren't going to listen to a nurse, anyway.

Marilyn and I want her to try again to get the water off at home -- to pretend she's still in the hospital and do what would be done there, with large doses of the medicine and just peeing until she's got her weight down some more. Hopefully she'll be able to do this. But it's not the same as being in the hospital where they were taking her blood several times a day to monitor things, like her potassium levels and so on. And they had her on a heart monitor and so on. I mean, she's not going to be monitored at home, clearly...

And we don't know what her doctor will eventually say about this. For all we know the doctor will decide she should go BACK in the hospital again!

Anyway, Sue was really touched by all the kindnesses -- and Marilyn and I were, too. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. We all love you guys so much!

Off to watch SNL, I guess...

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