CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Eye Doctor and More...

I (finally) went to see my eye doctor today, Robert Elliott, OD. I just found a note here at my desk (at the office) where I'd had an appointment set up for June 10 (another Friday) that I ended up cancelling...

I've been long overdue to see him, as I haven't been to the eye doctor in around two years. My bad!

Here's what Dr. Elliott looks like (I took this photo with my iPhone):


He's just the most wonderful guy! I can't tell you how much I enjoy him. He checked my records today, and I've been seeing him since 1996.

Marilyn was kind enough to let me SLEEP IN (!!!) today -- then she came home and brought me to work. Not only that, but she also walked with me to the appointment and waited for me (it took more than an hour). I think that's pretty darn nice of her!

We stopped on the way there so I could get Starbucks (woo hoo) -- and on the way back I picked up lunch (meatloaf with no bread). We're both sticking with the protein diet for the most part, which seems to really be working to make us both feel good. We are also getting carbs in the form of veggies and fruits, by the way. We've mainly been cutting out bread and crackers and so on...

Have any of you heard of the magician Steve Frayne (Dynamo)? He's really incredible! Take a minute and watch THIS VIDEO of him. It's pretty impressive stuff. And very different, too!

Sister Sue is pretty frustrated today. They're saying that they'll release her from the hospital tomorrow -- which is totally different than her admitting physician said. She's supposed to be in the hospital to get all the water weight off and discover her 'dry weight' -- so she can start trying to maintain from there. Her doctor is away right now (it figures) and there's only her nurse practitioner -- and nobody will listen to HER (you'd better believe that). They're saying the intravenous medication is bad for her kidney and liver, but we're all concerned that they'll send her home -- only to have her doctor decide she needs to go back in again!

If she'd been able to get the water weight off on her own, she wouldn't have been sent to the hospital in the first place. Her doctor has been talking about putting her in the hospital for this since April, so I can't see stopping the treatment before it's done just because her doctor isn't here to say otherwise. Why can't they give her the medication orally in the hospital -- just the way she'd take it at home? They're able to monitor her heart and test her blood and watch all the numbers there -- which she certainly can't do in her home. I just don't get it...

Oh! Heading for home! I'll have to wrap it up for now...

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