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President Obama!

Yes, I voted for Obama. Normally I'm not very political online, but I thought I would mention how happy I was to see our President re-elected. Last night was amazing.

Aside from that, my FRIENDS come from everywhere. Though I'm liberal about many subjects (as most of you know), I'm somewhat conservative about other things. Clearly I support gays, lesbians and bis (always have). But I identify myself as a (liberal) Christian, which you also know. I've never hidden those things from my blog, after all.

Politics would never make me turn from you, as long as you offer me the same respect that I offer you. Enough said about all that.

Two things: Marilyn called the Presidential election long before it happened! She had said we'd know it was Obama by 8:00 -- and it was announced at 8:10 (our time). Also, I don't buy that Diane Sawyer was drunk -- and I think the suggestion is ridiculous! Come on!

(Marilyn continues to amaze me, as she always has... We were hearing so much nervousness last night, but she was calm and sure...)

Just saw 'photo booth' on Jay Leno. So funny! Marilyn and I always enjoy it.Now Daniel Craig is on. Hot stuff!!! I really LOVE him as Bond. He's discussing the Olympics appearance with the Queen. I loved that! They're replaying it!!! Fun! It's one of my fave things, ever.

Marilyn went with sister Sue to her appointment this morning. Sue has to go into the hospital in the morning for five (or more) days, so they can get the water off her body. We've known for months this might be necessary, if she couldn't get it off on her own. Your good thoughts (and prayers) are very much appreciated.

Both Marilyn and I went to the dentist today. Marilyn has to see a specialist next Monday, I'm afraid -- her root canal is complicated. I'm concerned, but glad it's going to finally happen. Mary did no work on me because I wasn't feeling well. She said the next three appointments should finally finish up my work, which would be great, I have to say!

And that's it for today...

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