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Still Sick -- Down All Day... (sigh)

Well, I feel like crap. (sigh) So I've spent almost the entire day down in bed. I have a bad sore throat and one or the other (or both) of my ears are bothering me (ouch). Plus I feel so TIRED. All I do is sleep, sleep, sleep -- so how can I feel so tired? The only other thing I've done today is lie around and read my Kindle (or check my iPad). I mean, really!

I really, really want to be be organizing and CLEANING house. I can't even say how much I'd like to be doing that. But I've barely even been up today.

In slightly less boring news -- and I do mean SLIGHTLY (hahahahaha) -- Marilyn and I have been 'playing around' with my diabetes medications. The one I've always been taking twice a day is the Metformin. This pill has really terrible side effects. The medication I've only ever taken once a day is the Glipizide. It has less side effects (or less bad side effects) than the Metformin. Anyway, right now I'm not taking the Metformin at all -- and I'm taking the Glipizide twice a day. This is new, but seems to be working. We'll see how it goes long run. It would be GREAT to get entirely off the Metformin. (And obviously it would be wonderful to totally get off all diabetic meds.)

Loving the third of the Mary Russell books (Sherlock Holmes) by Laurie R. King! Really good reading...

Marilyn just got home from work so we could take our ballots in -- now we've officially VOTED! (We filled out our ballots yesterday, actually. For those who might not know, Oregon is a mail ballot state. No long lines for us. Seriously, even the line to drop off wasn't long...) I hope all my American friends are VOTING, because it's so important!

I greatly admire all those people who are waiting in long, long lines across the country in order to vote. Good for them!

Well, I'm going to get something to eat (I've barely had a bite all day) and probably snuggle in a soft chair or go back to bed.

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