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Sick in Bed -- But it Could Be Worse...

I don't feel well today. I have a sore throat and am so tired. I've spent most of the day in bed sleeping. Crap.

I know I need to just recognize my allergies and health weakness this time of year and move on. It's frustrating. I wish I were stronger and could avoid this, but I need to reflect on past years when I've been much worse -- and be grateful I haven't had more issues this year.

Being sick sucks. There's always something else you wish you were up to doing. I hate being down in bed. I want to be cleaning house, or going through things and organizing stuff.

Marilyn and I briefly considered doing NaNo again this year, but in all honesty I couldn't face it. It's not for lack of discipline. But we're busy so much of the time. And I can't change that autumn is difficult for me, health-wise.

By that I do NOT mean I can't do things to try and be healthier -- and I've actually been doing exactly that in my life this past month, especially (but during this whole year, really). And I feel really focused on doing better and better. Exercise is hard, partly because it's a struggle when not feeling well. But I feel very motivated. And, again, I'm better than I have been in the past. And that's a good thing.

For me, it's about keeping a POSITIVE attitude -- and continuing to do the best I can.

And I'm very, VERY lucky, because I have a WONDERFUL support system in my sister, Marilyn!

So I'm keeping my chin up, sick or no...

As I watch the situation on the East coast (after Sandy), I can't help wondering what it would feel like to be sick and suffering there? Believe me, I never forget how BLESSED I am! Nor stop my prayers and thoughts for others -- because it's certainly not all about ME...

Anyway, I'm heading off to fix some (healthy!!!) dinner. You know, Marilyn and I haven't both of us (at the same time) eaten this healthy in years -- and it really feels GOOD, that's for sure!

Oh! We got a wonderful new coffee pot like the one at our beach house -- a Mr. Coffee. Our old pot came from Starbucks and we'd had it for years and years. We loved the pot at the beach and decided we'd like to have one here at the Portland house, too. It wasn't in the budget and we've been a bit tight lately, but we got it anyway. Thankfully payday is close! (smile)

Thinking of ALL my dear LiveJournal Friends today -- especially those of you who need some extra attention right now. (And PRAYING for you.) I love you guys so much!!!

Yeah, I need to blog about "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" for this week. Maybe later...

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