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Sunday: Kindle Book, Old Game Systems and More...

Can it really be past 11:00 a.m. On Sunday? The time is just flying by!

Actually, if we hadn't just fallen back (smile), it would be past noon!

In the category of actually doing something, Marilyn and I just went through some stuff from the laundry/utility room -- and found things we could dispose of. This included some OLD game systems, by the way -- both Atari and Sega. Gosh, we had LOADS of fun with those back in the day, I have to say! But we've moved on, and it's time for them to go...

I just downloaded another Kindle book. As I mentioned yesterday, I finished reading "A Monstrous Regiment of Women," by Laurie R. King -- the second book in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series.

One of the last conversations I ever had with our friend Mitch was about these books. In fact, I think of this recommendation from him as one of his last gifts to me! (I think the email he sent me with the author's name and the name of the first book was the very last email he wrote me...)

There are at least 11 books total in the series (there may be 12 -- I need to check), so I have many good reads in front of me!!! Thanks, again, Mitch -- I only wish you were still here to discuss each book with me as I read them...

Marilyn and I have both been just a touch under the weather. Nothing serious, though. Tired, which is something I've heard so many people at the office talking about. There's been a bug going around at work, by the way. Almost everybody either has it, or seems to be fighting getting it...

Of course, for me it seems to be a seasonal thing, really tied to autumn (and my allergies, maybe?). Marilyn is wondering if my current situation is about my medications not being in balance. The doctor doesn't really seem to spend any time thinking about how all these things impact each other. It's even a bit scary. One of the new meds he wanted me to take -- which I refused -- isn't recommended for diabetics. How can THAT be good for me? Anyway, it's MY health and MY body, so I'll make the final decisions, thanks doctor. Anyway, he's gone now, so whatever.

Well, feeling punk or not, we really need to go shopping at some point today. We're out of stuff (I need to make a list) and it can't wait any longer.

Maybe we'll go through more things around here. Or rest more, instead. I sure could stand to go through clothes (sigh) -- but I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do that... Whatever we do, it's all good!

I hope my friends are having a good weekend!

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