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Missed Blogging November 1 -- Damn It!

I can't believe I failed to blog yesterday! Damn!

Marilyn and I started our day -- still at the beach house -- with a visit from James, the furnace guy. He did maintenance on our furnace, then fixed our fireplace, which hadn't been working for some time. (Not inexpensive, mind you, but it needed doing, regardless...) He arrived at 8:30.

After he left we packed up, then got everything in the car, crated our cats and headed for home. Marilyn ha an afternoon meeting at the office, and I needed to set up the computer for Steven, the new employee at the festival.

We got home, got the car unpacked and cats settled, grabbed a bite to eat (leftover hot dogs from Halloween) -- then we headed to the office. We got home around 8:00 p.m.

No dinner. I was too tired to care. I put in hours on Steven's computer, only to have it CRASH (!!!). All my work -- time and efforts -- wasted. I had to get Kris in to take the tower home to fix it. (sigh)

I crashed fairly soon after we got home. Awoke at 2:00 a.m. And had to get up to do the garbage and recycling (including the cat boxes). I did manage to get it done before 3:00, thankfully...

Feeling slightly under the weather, with an earache and sore throat. Again, this is my bad time of year for allergies, which often leads to serious illness (I've had years of problems every autumn). If I can stay functional, I'm happy. Even hoarse, I managed to do my training today, so it's all good...

Marilyn had me stay home this morning, and she came to get me before noon. That gave me time to wash my hair and rest a bit, which was nice. I feel tired, more than anything else -- that's so often true when my allergies act up...

Kris had the computer back, so I set up Steven's profile. He came in this afternoon, starting out with Jeff. Then I worked with him the rest of the day, giving him his computer training. I think he's going to be great, by the way!

I also got to go to storage today with Marilyn, Sara and Nancy (our Board historian). I'd never been there before (!!!), so I enjoyed it. And I found a 'missing' box of books while there, which was a good thing.

We got home by close to 8:00 p.m. -- and found a bag of our mail (that June collected for us) on the porch. My recent health results were there, and we spent ages with Marilyn researching these. It's too much to go into now, but I'm so BLESSED to have her in my life -- she's amazing.

Well, I'm tired and it's been another long day, so I'm off to read and sleep... Today ended much better than yesterday -- and I don't have more work hanging over my head tonight (woo hoo). Sleep well, my friends!

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