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Happy Halloween -- A Long, Fun Day!

I just got done (pretty much) taking down and packing away Halloween for 2012. We have the furnace guy coming FIRST THING in the morning, then we need to pack up and head home, as we BOTH need to be at work tomorrow (!!!) afternoon.

I also just finished a piece of website work for the festival website that needed to be done by tomorrow. (My work is never done.)

Our neighbors John and (his wife) Bethany came over briefly and visited and saw the house (John didn't go upstairs, though). They're very nice people. We exchanged phone numbers so they can reach us and we can reach them, which could prove helpful.

Bethany took a spill down the stairs leaving (!!!), but said she was okay. Those damn steps are slippery, with all the rain and how wet it always is. (Glad no kids fell!)

Happy Halloween!!!

By the way, I hope all of YOU had a wonderful day! Happy Halloween!!! (smile)

Marilyn and I ended up one shy (boo hoo) of 30 Trick or Treaters this year. It might have been due to the weather (it was pouring almost all evening long) -- or it could be that it's always light here at Seaside. It's hard to know, considering it's our first year. But we were happy with what we got, anyway!

Here are two of our Trick or Treaters -- a werewolf and chicken. What a pair, huh? Nice kids (older). Note that the chicken even posed with his hands under his arms for the picture! (grin)

Clicking on the picture should take you to the larger version, by the way.

We literally took photos of every kid this year. You know, we don't always do that, but we have done it a lot over the years. When I was hunting for photos of Mitch, I found piles of Halloween photos (hard copy -- from back in the day) that we took, year in and year out. Those photos of kids we don't even know just make me smile. Halloween is such a cool tradition, I think.

I'm glad they're finding new ways to sort of re-invent the holiday, like Trunk and Treat things held in parking lots where people still can give out candy for kids. I think I'll be sad when the whole door-to-door thing totally goes away, as it feels like a way to keep in contact with those directly around us...

Well, I'm going to see if our rug has dried. I stuck it in the dryer because it was soaked (the way things can only seem to get soaked at the beach!). We need to store it away, but if I put it in the garage wet it's going to mold, so...

It feels like we've been here for a week or even longer -- we had a really lovely, lovely visit! We didn't come until Saturday, so it's actually been five days (and will be five nights tonight). Our beach time is such a wonderful get-away for us (including the cats). It's such a special vacation that I can't even say how much it means.

Well, there's lots to do in the next two days, so we hope to get to bed at a reasonable hour (fingers crossed). We failed at that last night, but there's no sleeping in tomorrow morning! So...

It would be nice if it didn't pour driving home, but it sounds like we're in for bad weather. (sigh) I sure hope the Portland house didn't FLOOD while we were away (!!!). Prayers going out for a dry house!

Good night all!
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