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Halloween? We're Ready!

I actually tried using the LJ App to post to my blog. But unfortunately (sigh), it didn't work. How does that suck? I spent AGES on it, then had to start all over again. Thanks, LJ App. Not loving you, for sure...

I want to share some Halloween photos, so here goes! Sorry for the poor quality of several of them, but I took part of them with my iPad.

I especially wanted to share for friend Donna here at LiveJournal, who asked me to do so. (smile)

Anyway, I'll try and tell something about each item...

The 'house' lights up. It was a gift from Mom, years ago. The eyeballs were decorations at the office the year we left our old building. They light up, too, operating on batteries. And the pumpkin? Marilyn and I have had it forever...

Small skull...

There's a witch-y mouse we've had for years. Colin adores it and will hardly leave it alone! It's flanked by spooky candle holders and a small skull.

Near the mouse is a pumpkin that both lights up and has sound. It says, "Happy Halloween!" and has a sinister voice that breaks into creepy laughter. Behind it is our Halloween 'snow' globe that has bats when you shake it.

Here's our seasonal scarecrow who stays out for Thanksgiving, too.

Colin Kitty posing with Daphne (we've had since the 1980's).

This was another gift from Mom, many years back. It was a fave of our cat Indy, back in the day.

This ghost is a ceramic candle holder that was Mom's (when she was alive).

This nice metal pumpkin is seasonal (again, not just for Halloween) -- and it's a candle holder.

Pumpkins on the mantle of our fireplace.

Another gift from Mom, the ghost. These are in the kitchen.

Clipboard -- where we keep track of how many kids show up! (We have lists that go back for years and years. No, I'm not kidding...)


Inside of our front door (seasonal).

Candy ready for the Trick or Treaters tomorrow! (Note that these are full-size bars, not fun-size...)

On our front door (outside). We've had this two decades, at the least.

From Mom again. She bought them several years before her death (in 2000), so you can do the math. Green cat and orange pumpkin, still so cute, and working great...

This ghost goes back to childhood, believe it or not! It was originally Mom's, but she let us have it when we moved out. Does anybody recognize what it's made of? Those were all the rage in the 60's...

This is a really large skeleton, made of hard plastic. We bought it years ago when we moved out... (Sorry it's not a very good photo...)

Sign in the front flower pot.

We've had this 'cat' for ages, too. Before his new role on our porch, he used to stand in the grass at our Portland home.

Here's a new decoration, from friend Sue. It's black and lights up green (you can't really tell that well from this photo).

This light-up pumpkin is in our side window, by the dining room.

The rug on our front steps. Again, we've had this forever.

Here's batty, we've had since high school. He used to hang outside, but he's on the coat closet door. (The better NOT to have him blow away!)

Speaking of that, this decoration was MISSING when I went outside! The top photo shows where it originally was -- before it blew away! Anyway, Marilyn and I actually went and hunted for it. It was across the street (!!!) in some bushes! It was pitch black and raining out, so it's amazing we found it! (Another deco we've had forever, by the way...)

More (indoor) eyeballs. (grin)

I think that's everything. Yes, yes -- we have PILES more (tons) that we didn't bring here to the beach house. In fact, there are several out in the garage that we didn't put out. Frankly, we had out enough, so...

Over the years we've gathered so many Halloween decos. Anyway, we're ready for tomorrow! I hope kids show up, bad weather or not...

If you want to see these photos full size, go HERE (and click on the photo you want to view).

I can't believe what a PAIN this entry has been to do. I'll certainly NEVER use the freaking App again, you'd better believe. This took about three times as long as it should have, anyway. (sigh)

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