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Nice Day -- But Busy, Too!

I started out my day at our beach house by sleeping in quite late. Which was very NICE, by the way! (grin)

When I got up I helped Marilyn with the housecleaning (though she did most of it). I did clean the cat boxes, which was my major offering to the task at hand...

We took time to tie up the Pampas grass (large bush) in front of the house. It's been hammered by the rain and wind and falling over for ages. Anyway, we didn't want the fact that it was blocking the front stairs to keep any potential Trick or Treaters from our door!!! (smile)

I also showered and washed my hair today (which needed it!).

When we were both ready to go, we took the Halloween cards we had ready over to the Seaside Post Office to mail. We didn't do many, but we had a few we wanted to get off so they'd be there by Halloween. (smile)

I never mentioned that my Kindle DIED on me right away on this trip. So annoying! And -- of course -- I didn't bring along my Kindle charger! What. An. Idiot. The thing is, I'd thought that it was fully charged. Apparently the last time I tried to charge it at home, it didn't work (!!!). Which explains why I ended up with a dead Kindle. Considering I like to read my actual Kindle all the time (daily, for certain), this was an immediate pain.

So I contacted Radio Shack first thing this morning to see if they carried a charger that would work for the Kindle, which happily they do! We went by there in the afternoon and I picked up the Enercell kit for charging the Kindle (for $29.99) -- which has both a standard charger and a car charger (though I can't really imagine using a car charger, but I suppose you never know). I suppose it seems kind of spendy, but I feel good having a spare that I could potentially keep here at the beach (or carry around with me). It's easy enough to forget to bring the charger, as I proved this trip! (I tend to keep it in one spot at our Portland house, so I'm always ready to charge it there as needed...)

We also stopped at a hardware store where I bought some hardware I ended up NOT using. Hahahahaha. While Marilyn took a walk in the late afternoon, I decorated the house for Halloween -- mostly focusing on the front porch.

I need to take photos, I guess...

Anyway, we have three light-up things out there. Two were given to us by Mom, several years before her death (which makes them more than 12 years old, amazingly enough). One is new and was a gift from Sue B. -- along with a huge container of candy! There are 50 full-size bars that we're going to use for the kids who come to our house on Halloween. (And, yeah, we have some regular fun-sized bars in addition, just in case we get more than 50 kids...)

I also put up our skeleton that we've had forever, and several other things -- all brought from the other house. The plan is to leave them here -- but I imagine we'll move them to the other house if we decide to spend Halloween there in the future... Right now we're hoping to change to having holidays here. So I guess we'll see how it goes.

Around 8:00 we went over to Cannon Beach to have dinner at the Lumberyard Grill (which I've mentioned here before). We love their deep-fried dill pickles (yes, we had them!). Plus Marilyn really loves their nachos -- and I love their chili-mac dish. How can you miss combining TWO comfort foods: Homemade chili with mac and cheese! And we each had a drink, too.

When we were in town for the hearing at City Hall, we'd wanted to go there for dinner. But this time of year they're CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we missed out. It was nice that they were open today so we could go.

I phoned sister Sue while we were there, because we hadn't talked to her in several days. She was gone to a cribbage tournament this past weekend. She told us that the 'Twilight Store' in Forks had burned down. The actual story I discovered online read: "An explosion, possibly from a propane tank, spread the fire to an adjoining one-story building known as the Twilight store because it sold movie memorabilia until it closed early this year." I think it's sad that the building burned, but also sad that it was no longer a Twilight store (having closed). I guess they couldn't afford to keep it open anymore. All those many Twilight stores in Forks were a lot of fun to visit when we were there...

I also spoke briefly with friend Shari. I tried calling her NEW phone number, but it's hooked up wrong, I guess -- so it didn't work right. I ended up on the house phone (for the place where she resides -- a phone used by several people). However, Shari saw that I was calling on her TV (!!!), so clearly the number she gave me is correct, even if it's not quite working. Weird, huh? She's supposedly getting phone service as part of her Comcast package. She needs to get in touch with them and get help, I think. She did have an actual phone when they were last out, or she could have had them set it up for her...

Tonight (after we got back from dinner) I worked for ages on the most recent eNewsletter for RHSAA. First I have to do the WordPress/blog version -- which is embedded on our website. This is a very simple, only lightly-coded version. Once it's done, I do the coded version that I'll use with Constant Contact (which links back to the WordPress version). That's FINALLY done, so soon we're going to have a pot of coffee (I'm brewing it as I type this) and some ice cream before bed.

I also had to do some festival website work again today (!!!). That's the THIRD TIME I've worked on the same page -- I'm glad it's finally finished! (whew)

And that's my busy day!

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