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Busy Sunday at the Beach!

Marilyn and I started off our busy day at the beach house with a walk in the misty morning. It wasn't full out rain, but enough precip to get wet, anyway. I had worn my blue festival jacket, because it had a hood -- but it was far too warm (!!!) a day for it! Marilyn bought me a new hoodie in Seaside -- neon green. (I love neon clothes, by the way!) I'd tied the blue jacket around my waist on the way to the ocean and had nothing on my head, so it was nice to cover my ears (they were getting quite cold).

The full walk (which included a stop for the new hoodie and at McDonald's to get sausage biscuits and iced coffee) took just slightly more than an hour (maybe an hour and 15 minutes). Not bad, considering the distance and the weather -- plus the fact that I'm pretty out of shape.

I've come to believe that my poor body is starved for exercise, and that I need to try and get what I can no matter how else I'm feeling. I struggle with my health this time of year, due to serious seasonal allergies that always strike me in autumn. But I want to exercise, anyway.

After the walk (and changing immediately out of our wet things) -- and eating our breakfast -- Marilyn washed and did her hair. I was watching tennis on TV and I fell asleep in the middle of it (!!!). The nap was nice, believe me!

Marilyn woke me in the early afternoon so we could drive to Astoria to attend 'Talking Tombstones' (put on by the Clatsop County Historical Society from 1:00 p.m. until dusk at the Greenwood Cemetery). It was POURING DOWN RAIN as we drove there -- and after we arrived! Marilyn had on a light-weight jacket with a hood and I had my new hoodie. Needless to say, after standing out in the pouring rain listening to various actors, we ended up soaked to the skin. But we honestly didn't mind, it was so much fun. A really different thing to do.

And as we love history, it was fun to hear the various stories! As I mentioned HERE, we enjoyed visiting the Seaside Museum not long back. One of the stories we'd heard there was also one of the stories we heard today about a sheriff who was killed and is in the cemetery...

After that, we stopped to shop on the way back home -- and couldn't wait to get out of our very wet things and into dry clothing! After changing we went to Norma's in Seaside for dinner, which was very nice. We even had ice cream for dessert (we often don't eat dessert out). I loved my chowder and fish (skipped the chips)! Delicious!

This evening we watched "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" (I actually Tweeted during TWD). I also dried a bunch of wet clothes in our dryer. We don't do laundry here much -- the appliances are only the small, stacked type. Usually we take things home, instead. But the dryer seems to work fine when we really need it...

We spoke briefly to our neighbor John (catty-corner across the street from us) when we headed out this morning, letting him know we were staying for Halloween. He's a nice guy -- very friendly. The waitress at Norma's was very friendly, too -- especially when she heard we had a house here...

Marilyn and I are not being fanatics about our diet, but we've really improved what we're eating -- and how much we're eating. I think we're both feeling positive about it, anyway. So that's a good thing! But we did have loads of in-the-shell peanuts this evening, plus some candy (but not a lot). Well, it's Halloween, after all!

Tomorrow? We both have work to do, plus we need to finally decorate for Halloween -- we brought a bunch of stuff along so we could do just that!

We did buy some Halloween cards to mail tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get them ready early and send them off. We got our friend Shari a cute Halloween 'activity book' with stickers that we're sending her. She already sent us both cards for Halloween that we got last week. (Sweet of her.)

We have to tie up the bush in front of the house tomorrow, too! It's falling over and blocks walking up to our front door without brushing against it -- and we don't want anything to make kids avoid our house on Halloween night!

We need to get someone out here about the furnace. I wonder if that can happen on Tuesday or Wednesday? I want to call Radio Shack tomorrow, too (about a charger). And MUST phone the pharmacy about my meds -- they neglected to refill my Metformin, which is my main diabetes medication. (sigh) They may have to call the doctor about that...

I need to clean the cat boxes (ugh) and Marilyn wants to clean house a bit, too. Busy, busy!

So we've got loads to get done, it seems!

As I'm typing this (in my upstairs office), it's just pouring down rain outside, yet again! And the wind is really blustery! It's even howling around the house. A great night to be snug inside, that's for sure.

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