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Cozy at the Beach...

We weren't able to leave for the beach as early as we'd planned, I'm afraid. WHY? Because Colin decided to HIDE when it was time to get in his crate. (sigh) For ages we couldn't figure out WHERE he was. Marilyn knew she'd seen him go in the laundry room, but even when we both hunted and hunted we didn't see him. Finally past noon I went back under the stairs and started moving boxes. I was sure at one point he wasn't there. Then I realized the way I'd stacked things again that I could be potentially trapping him, if he was there! I carefully moved piles of boxes and sure enough, there he was! Happily he came right out at that point with no more fuss.

All the boxes under those stairs? It's where we store various holiday decorations. I'll be going through those now, believe me, and avoiding anything like this again. I still can't believe he got back in there so deep. One thing, it shows how much weight he's lost...

Anyway, our whole family (Marilyn and me, plus both cats) are all in the master bedroom (Marilyn's room), snuggled down. Marilyn is actually asleep (just barely snoring), with Colin curled up beside her under the covers. Henry and I are on the other side of the big king bed, cozy against each other.

We were watching "Son of Frankenstein" (on the DVR), but that got over. So now I'm watching SyFy, which is showing zombie movies...

You'd think I'd avoid them, considering I had a horrible zombie nightmare a couple nights back. It freaked me out and I couldn't stop thinking about it all day long. Oh well. I read zombie books and watch zombie movies and TV. That's how it goes.

The Clatsop County Historical Society is presenting 'Talking Tombstones' tomorrow (Sunday, October 28 from 1:00 p.m. until dusk) at the Greenwood Cemetery, just southeast of Astoria. Former citizens 'return from the great beyond' for a graveside chat with any and all willing to visit their tombstone. Marilyn and I are thinking of going (I suspect it will depend on the weather, though...) You can read about it HERE, if you're interested...

Right now "Zombie Apocalypse" is playing. I was thinking I'd never seen this one before, but I think I have. It was new last October (2011)... The big question is whether or not to watch "Rise of the Zombies" -- that's SyFy's new movie tonight. I read THIS review, which makes me wonder if I want to go there...

We've got the fireplace in the bedroom warming us, which is so nice!

Marilyn and the cats are awake now. I don't know where the cats have gone off to, but Marilyn is sitting up using her iPad. Actually, I'm using my own iPad to write this entry, which I do every now and then. It's not as easy as using a computer, but it can be really convenient! And I can blog lying on the bed. How about that? (grin)

There's flooding on the street next to us -- AGAIN! Today they were using a big yellow piece of equipment with a huge shovel on the front to move the water. It seems they've given up on actually clearing the drain (which was the focus when we were last here). It must flood all the time, I'm guessing. The nice thing for us is that we're way up above it, so it can't begin to reach us (woo hoo).

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