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Friday -- No, We Didn't Head to the Beach...

Marilyn and I actually went in to WORK this morning, in place of heading to the beach as originally planned. We both had work that we needed to do, so we changed our plans...

I needed to work on getting ready for Steven, our new CityFair guy (replacing Alex). He's starting next week, so his cube needed to be ready. I cleaned up his area, set him up on the phone and got his profile ready to go. Next Thursday I'll set up his computer and then hopefully be training him next Friday...

I got to meet him when he was in for his interview and I was very impressed. I think this will be a good match for us -- and he'll be a good addition to the team.

After we got home this afternoon, Marilyn and I were both so tired from the rest of the week. She watched TV and snooze and I read my Kindle and snoozed. The sleeping part was good for both of us! Then this evening we went to the Mt. Hood Theatre to see "The Bourne Legacy" and "The Dark Knight Rises" playing as a double-feature (in second run). We were late getting there, so we missed the beginning of the first movie -- and were tired out, so left before the second film ended. (smile) It didn't matter: We'd seen both films twice before...

But it was still FUN to go to the show! We each had a large popcorn and split a soda. You know, it's so much about the popcorn! (grin)

Then we got home and I worked on the festival website. The band page needed updating, and now that's done.

I also need to do an eNewsletter for RHSAA. Here's the VERY WEIRD THING going on there: For whatever reason (???), none of my recent emails from Chris S. have forwarded to my home email!!! What a huge, huge pain that is! How am I supposed to do the work if I don't get it sent here where I can prepare it???

I don't know what the hell has happened with Yahoo mail, but that's now how I get stuff forwarded home to use. It doesn't work more than half the time (!!!), which is quite annoying. Anyway, I had to use a convoluted method to get what I needed. I'll try and do the eNewsletter tomorrow (or Sunday), I guess.

(My work is never done...)

We have Halloween candy and decorations ready to pack up for the beach trip -- and our first-ever Halloween in the beach house! (June and Jim and Janet and Doug are ALL going to watch our Portland house for us while we're away -- very nice! Coming in and getting the mail and so on. Good neighbors certainly mean a lot.)

Hard to say how many Trick or Treat-ers we'll get at the beach, but there do seem to be a lot of kids in the area. And we live on a very busy street. So I guess we'll see!

I finished my WONDERFUL Sherlock Holmes book -- I'd highly recommend "The Beekeeper's Apprentice," by Laurie R. King to all Holmes fans -- but you don't have to be a Holmes fan to enjoy this really well-written book, believe me! (Wish Mitch was still alive so we could discuss the book... sigh...)

If you're looking for a good read, be sure to consider it. (It's available at Amazon.Com for the Kindle (for $9.99).

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