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Fall Board Meeting Tonight -- Passing the Gavel

Tonight Sue passes the gavel to Todd, who will be President for the next two years (as she has been these past two years). This is the most important board meeting we have all year.

Service pins will be given out, the new theme for 2013 will be announced, Directors of the Year will be announced and the Volunteer of the Year will be announced. (That last has NOTHING to do with my volunteer award, just to keep things as straight as possible.)

Marilyn's been working hard on this meeting for ages now. But we really didn't stay all that late last night, I'm happy to report. We were home and having dinner around 8:00 p.m. yesterday...

I got another root canal yesterday (and am doing another round of antibiotics, oh joy). And Mary looked at Marilyn's tooth and put her on antibiotics, too -- happily NOT the ones that made her break out in that terrible drug rash last time out (!!!). She's actually already feeling better today, as a result -- a good thing. And she's slated to have a root canal on that tooth and finally take care of the problem. She's been in a lot of pain for ages with her poor mouth, so I'm really GLAD for her.

Our PROJECTOR here at work is unhappily MISSING. Nobody has a clue where it might be. In fact, it may well have been missing for several months (!!!), which is not a happy thing when we need it for tonight! (sigh)

That piece of equipment will need to be replaced. I wonder if it comes out of my IT budget or not... ???

I'm doing my best to try and help Marilyn as she works on the PowerPoint for tonight. My role is SMALL -- just resizing some photos for her. But I'm happy to do whatever she needs, of course!

Well, that's it for now. We'll be heading over there in around an hour (it's just past 4:00 now).

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