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Doctor Appointment Today...

Prepare to be REALLY BORED by medical reflections in this entry. You've been WARNED! I don't blame you if you decide not to read...

So, I saw Dr. Stevens this morning -- probably for the last time, ever. (He's retiring the first part of November.) I'm really, REALLY going to miss him, something awful. He's been a really wonderful doctor for me, especially at this stage of my life. (I took him both a gift and card, which he was pleased with.)

Here's the thing: Dr. Stevens is OLDER. Note that I'm not saying he's old. I don't think of him that way at all. But he is an older man -- and he doesn't treat ME like I'm some 'old woman,' because he doesn't seem to see people according to their age. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that a lot of younger doctors really look at people as age groups more than as people. I find that pretty frustrating, to be entirely honest.

No, I'm not getting any younger -- who is? But I don't think of myself as OLD, and I hope I never will. It's nice if your doctor doesn't start treating you according to his/her perception of your age, believe me. In fact, he and I discussed that at one point, because he'd been treated with ageism entering the picture. I said to him, "You know that's about age and someone thinking you'll behave differently because you're older." And he said, "Yes, that's exactly true." So Dr. Stevens gets it -- and he always has. He has a nice sense of humor and humanity. I'm happy for HIM that he's getting to retire, I'm just sad for ME that he won't be around to treat me in the future.

If I'm being clear, this is even a little depressing for me. I felt that way before I ever went to see him today. He gave me a lot of his time so we could talk over everything I had written down -- and everything he could think of. It was nice.

So I asked him who he was recommending for his patients and he said, 'The new doctor -- when we get one.' Unfortunately, the guy that they're trying to get is looking at three different locations here in Oregon -- and two of them are nowhere near here! So it's hard to say what doctor I'll be seeing next time around. There are only four medical practitioners at the clinic right now -- including Dr. Stevens! And one of those is a nurse practitioner, and not a doctor. This is the only clinic out in our area at all, so I guess I'd be hunting for something in another part of town -- that's still covered by my insurance, too. (sigh)

On the INTERESTING and potentially good side of my appointment today, some of my recent issues might actually be due to me having some improvement with my diabetes. We won't know for sure until the blood results come back, of course. But keep your fingers crossed for me, please! It would be great to get off the diabetes medications, because they have so many negative side effects.

I'd lost weight this time around. Not a lot, but it's still a good thing. I need to lose more and continue to eat healthy -- plus get exercise. I'm on a mission currently and I hope to stick with it. I should have started to seriously change my ways ages ago, but now I mean it!

My 'hot flashes' (sweats) might be due to too much diabetic medication. Again, until the results are back, it's too soon to say. This could also be about stress, as I've been under quite a bit in recent months.

And he's concerned about my constant issues with nausea (me, too!). He wants to try Prilosec. He doesn't think I have GERD, but he's concerned that my stomach produces too much acid. So he gave me a brand new prescription for that. He also gave me something to deal with the sweats (especially night sweats), but I don't remember what it is. (I'll be picking it up at the pharmacy tomorrow.) I need to get a pill splitter at the store, because he wants to cut my one diabetes med in half -- and have me take it twice a day, rather than once. He's a tiny bit worried that my blood count is too low in the mornings (it would not be a good thing to have low blood sugar in the middle of the night while asleep). I admit to being nervous about taking that med in the morning -- even a half dose. I had to quit taking the full morning dose from almost the beginning of my meds, because I have such a strong reaction to it... I guess we'll see how it goes.

Before I forget, there was an entertaining moment during this visit! When I sat down in the place where they take blood, there was the recent article about me (from the St. Johns Review), clipped out and tacked to the wall! I was so surprised! And one of the women came and specifically drew my attention to it -- and told me how proud they all were of me! How about that? My 15 minutes of fame continue to linger... I can't get over it. It's really an honor -- and really humbling, too.

Oh. And I asked Dr. Stevens about getting a flu shot while I was there. He asked if I normally get them, and I told him it had been years since I'd had one. He said I shouldn't mess with my immune system, and he'd recommend against the shot for me. So there you go! I wasn't planning to get one, but sister Sue had asked me on the way there, so I decided to at least ask.

I'm probably forgetting other details, but oh well. I just wanted to remind myself about the main things that happened. He does want me to get in and have a diabetic foot appointment, get my mammogram done, do the poop smear test and have my eyes checked. That's a lot when you add in my dental work, but I'm really going to be better about all this! He touched all the bases (even looking forward to tests I won't need until five years from now), which I greatly appreciate. Again, his retirement is a real loss in my life.

And that's it for now!

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