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Spirit Mountain Trip and Rose Planting...

As I think everyone knows, Mondays from July through December are days OFF for Marilyn and me -- and we guard them pretty carefully. But today was the event at Spirit Mountain Casino, honoring Steve Bobb. There was a rose planting and reception. (He's not in good health, so this was a very important event -- one that Marilyn's been trying to set up for months, actually.)

We got to the office by 8:30 -- and I immediately had to deal with a bunch of IT issues. (sigh) I was working on that situation until we finally had to leave (to be there in time) at just past 9:00 a.m. (Doesn't it figure that I'd end up with IT problems today, of all days?)

In light of my not feeling well recently, Marilyn had suggested I stay home this morning, but I really wanted to go! So I got myself up and dressed and was glad I went. I took a lot of photos of the event, which, by the way, was Sue's last official event before she turns over her gavel to the new President this week.

On the drive there Marilyn and Brett (and Sara, too, to some degree) did some work. It's quite a long drive, for the record. It was interesting to listen to, so I didn't either read my Kindle (which I had with me), nor nap (which was an option). Brett sat in back on the way home and actually did nap a bit (I don't blame him one bit).

The reception didn't have much in the way of food, something of a first for a Spirit Mountain event! Normally they put on quite a spread. This was fruit and sweet rolls (plus beverages), so nobody ate all that much. But we did have a really large turnout! A good group of Rosarians were there for the planting. It was the first time I'd seen Gayle as Prime Minister -- and I'm very good buddies with her husband Ed, who takes photos for the group. (He and I make a good team... smile...)

The festival had a good turnout, too -- with lots of 'blue jackets' (our uniform has blue blazers) in sight. Exactly as Marilyn wanted it!

We left in plenty of time for Marilyn and Jeff to be back to the office for their interview at 2:00. And happily by the time we got back, Kris had been in and fixed the various IT issues! (woo hoo) That put me in a good mood, you'd better believe!

Marilyn's afternoon meeting cancelled, so we were able to leave by 4:30 and be home just past 5:00, which absolutely never happens as a rule! So that was great, too. We had a bit to eat (we were both starved!), then a nap, which was nice.

In fact, I'd probably be napping right now, but I needed to phone sister Sue to confirm plans for in the morning. (She's kindly taking me to my doctor appointment.) I guess tomorrow will be the last time I ever see my current doctor, who is retiring quite soon. I'm going to be sorry to lose him! He was such a good match for me. I have no idea who I'll be seeing now, going forward... (sigh)

Well, that's pretty much today, in a nutshell. I think I'll go read my Sherlock Holmes book ("The Beekeeper's Apprentice," by Laurie R. King -- recommended by deceased friend Mitch). I'm enjoying it a TON, so far.

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