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"The Walking Dead" in St. Johns, Manicures and Pedicures and More...

Marilyn was feeling poorly last night and this morning. I'm guessing she has my bug, frankly. Her main complaint was a stomach ache -- PLUS hot flashes. And she's been really fatigued, too. That's certainly been part of what I noticed.

Anyway, we slept in today, which was HEAVEN. We have to WORK tomorrow (Mondays are off this time of year normally, but there's a special event tomorrow. Plus Marilyn has a pile of work that needs doing -- and some interviews to do. So we'll spend a bunch of time traveling to and from the event, we'll attend and participate in the event, then come back to the office. That's the way it goes... We're taking some time next week, so we're okay with it. Still, knowing we have a big day coming up, it was good to get extra sleep.

We went this afternoon to (finally) get our manicures and pedicures. I especially needed the manicure. Mine was BAD. Plus the nails were so long I could barely even type! It's always a relief to get that task out of the way, anyway. It will be nice to have them looking good for tomorrow, too (another uniform event, like the Memorial yesterday).

We just got home a bit ago and had a bite to eat from food on hand. Marilyn had a hard-boiled egg, and I ate leftovers (meatloaf, sliced tomato and string beans). I hadn't really had anything to eat today, so it was delicious to me!

We're heading to the St. Johns Pub soon to watch "The Walking Dead" there -- doesn't that sound cool? We've never done anything like this before, and we're really excited about it...

I just checked out their menu, as we might have a bite to eat there, too (which is why I ate only a little bit of what I mentioned above... smile...). They have chicken tenders, which sounds pretty good to me.

I'm currently reading a book (on my Kindle) that I actually purchased, "The Beekeeper's Apprentice," by Laurie R. King. It was the last book Mitch ever recommended to me, just before his death. He was right, of course -- I'm loving it! This book is about the character Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes -- very fun! I guess she has Mary in several of her novels, but this is the first time I've ever read her work...

(Thanks for the recommendation, Mitch -- until we can discuss it face to face one day...)

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