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Dick's Memorial, the Book "Jesus" (by Greeley) -- and More...

This morning Marilyn and I attended the Memorial for Dick. There was a huge crowd of attendees that included some important people from around Oregon and beyond. He was an extremely influential man who had one of the largest businesses in the state, plus he sat on numerous boards and did a ton of volunteer activities (especially in the field of education). There was at least one (maybe two?) past governors of the state in attendance, and slews of high-level businessmen and women, other politicians and on and on.

We ended up with a good group of folks representing the festival (most of us wore our uniforms), and had our current President and four past Presidents there, along with our former CEO and current CEO (and Marilyn is the festival COO). I have to mention this fact, which just occurred to me: Three of the festival Presidents there were female (!!!). I just thought of that and found it interesting... (Remember, of course, that Dick was a past President. Nice of the other Presidents to show up like this, I think...)

The service was PERFECT. Really incredible. Each speaker did a great job, including Dick's two daughters. The music was wonderful. And two (female) Marines did the flag ceremony at the end (unfolding, presenting and refolding the flag -- prior to kneeling to present it to Dick's wife). There was hardly a dry eye in the house by that point!

Afterwards there was a reception -- but I'm talking about the reception of all receptions. He was like that and always had parties, etc. that were amazing, back in the day. There was wine and beer, a full table of non-alcoholic beverages (lemonade, punch, soda, water, coffee and tea), a 'small' repast of various foods, including: Tons of fruits and veggies, small sandwiches, a salad bar, a pasta salad, a sandwich bar and a dessert table. Not exactly 'small' in my book! The sauteed mushrooms were especially yummy, but the fruit was impressive (huge slices of melon and large strawberries and so on), too. (And I may have missed other things, there was so much there to eat!)

After we'd visited with people and taken Marcia (a friend and Past President) home, Marilyn and I headed to the office. We needed to get the photos Marilyn worked on this week on a jump drive to deliver to Leslie (another friend and Past President, interestingly enough!) -- she's going to turn some of these photos into a book to give to Sue (friend and current President) at the meeting where she turns over her gavel to the incoming President.

Tell me you're not impressed by how many WOMEN who have served as President for the festival! Gerri was our first-ever female President -- and Sue is our current one. I had Sue on my right and Gerri on my left during the service today. These are all amazing women who have done amazing things. I'm proud to know them.

I'm rambling a bit, I know... But that's where my head is tonight, I guess.

Anyway, after going to the office and then to Leslie's house, Marilyn and I came home and changed out of our uniforms. Then we went out to lunch.

The rest of the day has been spent lazing around and watching TV and reading. We saw the HBO movie "The Girl," the somewhat controversial film about the relationship between famous filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and the actress Tippi Hedren. After Marilyn's research online, it's hard to know whether to believe all of it (Tippi might not be the most trustworthy source around -- plus Hitchcock isn't alive to defend himself, nor are many of his friends who might support him). But it was interesting, anyway!

Marilyn's doing the treadmill (good for her!) and I'm typing this. I've also been reading Andrew Greeley's book "Jesus." Greeley is one of my all-time favorite authors, but I have to admit his non-fiction can be a bit daunting. While his fiction is very accessible to everyone, his non-fiction is quite intellectual. I don't suggest I'm an idiot or anything, but I find myself needing to read and re-read some of what he writes -- and to actually research some of the words he uses (!!!). Not that there's anything wrong with that -- we're never too old to learn something NEW, after all!

I'll share more as I get further into the book. So far it's been fascinating. I love the way Greeley views the world...

And that's it for today!

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