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Today's Mass and Miscellany...

The homily during mass today was interesting. You can read about the saints for today HERE, if you're interested. The movie "Black Robe" is brutal, dealing with Father LaForgue -- and deals with the subject...

But the interesting part of the homily was about Vice President Joe Biden. He wasn't mentioned by name, only by his title (identity enough, obviously). But the priest called him a liar and asked us to pray for him. Election Day is close, so I guess this isn't a huge surprise. Just interesting. He didn't say how we should vote, but the implication was certainly clear...

Marilyn and I are watching an episode of "The Mod Squad" right now. I think she might be snoozing, actually. (smile) It's past midnight (close to 1:00), and I'm sure she's exhausted. Little wonder.

If you could, I'd appreciate your good thoughts (and prayers, please) for a friend who is dealing with cancer. She's getting important news tomorrow, and I'm hoping for the best for her... I've mentioned her before -- anyway, her name is Sue. Personally, I always like a first name for my prayers. And I often seem to be praying for someone I don't know, except by a first name. Sure, we can also pray without the name -- I just like how a name (or nickname) helps me to focus...

On that same note, I was praying for Sue's dad at one point -- and I had a photo of him that really helped me focus my prayers. Looking at his face helped me really picture him clearly. (I know him, but only a little. So putting his photo on my iPad really made my prayers feel more directed. I don't talk about HOW I pray all that often, I just realized. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I don't expect anyone else to share my religious views, just to be clear. And I know that many people don't pray. No worries with me: I'm not judging. But I like to discuss prayer now and then, as it has importance in my life.

I'm far from a religious fanatic, as I'm sure you all know. But it's still an important part of my life. Anyway...

I'm watching a infomercial about cookware called temp-tations. I'm so gullible to infomercials! This stuff looks good to me, but I'm always saying that. Hahahaha.

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