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Even Better Today (woo hoo)

I'm still not well, but I do feel much better today.

I haven't really discused it, but my daily blood count has been remarkably GOOD -- even when I totally skip my meds. (It's not safe to take them when I don't eat, because I could have low blood sugar, not a good thing.) Normally if I miss my meds (forget to take them) I'd end up with high numbers. Obviously it's not ideal to get low numbers because you CAN'T eat (smile), but I'm enjoying having them, anyway... (grin) I didn't eat all morning, or until late afternoon. Then I had beans (a very small bowl) -- and did my blood directly after. The count was STILL relatively low. Even with no medicine today (and I haven't had any exercise, because of being sick), what a surprise. Also, I could go into the whole protein thing and how good it obviously is for us, but I'll stop now. (smile)

Marilyn didn't get home until around 7:30. She's had a busy week, and didn't get a break all day (!!!) today. She works so hard. We had meatloaf and string beans for dinner, quite tasty! I had a second helping of the string beans and I swear I've never enjoyed them more! I'm still sticking to drinking mostly water, but I let myself have a Diet Pepsi with dinner (what a treat after days avoiding soda).

I did do a small amount of housecleaning today (though I probably SHOULDN'T have). I picked up and dusted in the living room, and cleaned the rug. (And even washed a few spots of the hardwood floors.) It made me happy, even if I overdid a bit...

Anyway, a good day, really. I hope I'm almost over this bug...

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