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Better Today - Still Under the Weather...

I'm still under the weather, but feel MUCH better today. I had a (tiny) bowl of tapioca early in the day, then about half a cup of beef bouillon in the afternoon. Plus water, which is all I've been drinking.

This evening after Marilyn got home from work, we went to Ron and Jan's house for dinner (in Vancouver). Gladys (Jan's 91-year-old mother) lives with them, as does their 25-year-old son, James. So it was six of us for a home-cooked dinner (Ron is the cook at their house). Kelly (their 35-year-old) daughter is also living at home, currently, but she was out of state today.

This was the first solid food I've had in days, and I was happily able to eat it with nothing more than some gas pains (these have been all through my torso, but mostly my back).

These people come from the background of The Salvation Army. They are very focused on God and Country (much of Ron's life was about his military career).

Yes, Ron and Jan are obviously very special -- caring for Gladys (who has Alzheimer's) and having two grown children living in their home. The house isn't that big, by the way. Jan calls her living room chair set up with her laptop her 'office' (her former office is now Kelly's room). They have a partially finished basement, which includes part that isn't finished, where James has his bedroom (with no door, only some cupboards to block off his corner). But don't get me wrong: They are proud of their home where they've lived 20 years. They let us in almost every room (!!!), which isn't something we've done much when having people in OUR home...

Their TV is an older console (not flat screen). And they have loads of video tapes, rather than DVDs. Being from the Salvation Army, they're used to living a very hard (and relatively poor) life. Their world isn't about things -- it's about people! I can't get over how welcoming and loving they were.

Extended family is important to Marilyn and me, as we haven't much of our own family left. I think extended family can be wonderful, because you find special friends and grow truly close to them.

By the way, I feel that way about many of my LiveJournal Friends! You are part of my extended family -- and probably know me better than a lot of my family has through my life. (smile)

I've just finished up the garbage and recycling. As I'm still a bit punk, that did me in, frankly. But I did get it done without help from Marilyn (who shouldn't have to do it, in my opinion -- that's MY job). She is doing the treadmill as I type this. I admire her so much, considering she was really yawning by the time we left Ron and Jan's just past 9:00...

Marilyn and I had another loss yesterday. Dick is a former Past President of the festival and was well known in the community for his amazing volunteer activities, service on countless boards -- and his tremendous generosity (much of it anonymous). He was only 76 (and seriously, that sounds younger to me all the time...). No, not quite like losing our 55-year-old friend, Mitch, but still a blow. His service is this Saturday. His family has suggested people make contributions to a charity that serves Oregon's children, in lieu of flowers (!!!).

Another friend (Gail) recently lost her brother in a freak accident. He was cutting down a tree and it went out from under him and crushed him. We didn't know her brother, but we're very close to Gail and sorry for her shocking loss...

Life is about losing people. As Marilyn said, what's the alternative? The older we get, the more loved ones will pass on from this world. Because we have faith, we know we'll see them all again one day. But it's still hard and we still grieve. We can't know God's plan and we never know when someone will die. That's hard to accept at any age...

As for my health, I think the details are pretty TMI in nature. (grin) So if you're really interested (remember, you've been warned!), then READ THIS.

Apparently I have some kind of intestinal bug. I hadn't realized how constipated I was. But that was causing all the symptoms I mentioned, believe it or not. I should have guessed immediately about the HEADACHE, because I've never tended to have them -- except when constipated! (True since I was a teen.) All the gas pains and burning and backache are much better after two days of getting OUT what was packed in there! Yes, gross, but it's a major fact of life, after all. You wouldn't believe just how much I got out both yesterday and today. Pretty amazing when you consider I took NOTHING but water all day yesterday (no food to stimulate things, in other words), and very little food -- until this evening -- today. I'm suffering from gas pains tonight, but I did ingest a regular dinner tonight, so it's little wonder. Hopefully this will be better soon. (I'll eat yogurt at some point -- good bacteria and all that. But Marilyn had something exactly like this -- and they told her to go for protein and NO MILK PRODUCTS, so I'll probably avoid milk for a few days...)

Enough about all that. The fatigue is obviously because I'm running a fever (sweats and chills) and the usual downside of all bugs...

I did spend much of the day taking it easy -- and a good part in bed. I'll see how I feel in the morning before deciding about tomorrow. I have some work I need to sit up and do, but I think I'll be up to it. Honestly, I do feel a lot better than I did!

Read some of The Acts of the Apostles today, in honor of St. Luke. During morning mass I was impressed with the homily which focusing on the history of Luke and his writings in the Bible. I really enjoyed it, even though it was quite long...

And I saw part of an interesting interview with author Dean Koontz about his Catholic background. (Part of this -- from an entirely different source -- can be read HERE. No, not even starting to be as detailed about him, but it's something, anyway!) The interview I saw was on The World Over, with Raymond Arroyo. Hearing it made me wish I'd seen the entire interview -- and made me want to read some of his books that I've yet to read. I've always been a Dean Koontz fan, but I haven't kept up with all his books. Little wonder, as he's written more than 50!

Well, I could ramble on more, but this is already waaaaay too long! Sorry! Goodnight all!

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