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"Taken 2"

Marilyn and I just got back from seeing the movie Taken 2," with Liam Neeson. We loved the original, and this sequel didn't disappoint. I won't spoil, but there were some smart elements in this film. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes action/adventure movies.

We're at our beach house with our cats (Colin and Henry). Both boys were especially GOOD driving down, even though poor Colin threw up a huge fur ball on the drive...

It's so relaxing to be here! We're both worn out (and I'm fighting off a bug) -- so this is just what we needed! We love the chance to be here.

Marilyn and I got great clothes for the Auction. I don't have photos -- at least, not at this point. Maybe I'll get some later. We both got pairs of skinny leg jeans. Marilyn's have a GOLD print that's fabulous! My are stone-washed gray (I adore gray). And we got great tops that were on sale. I wore two pink hair extensions -- very fun (everyone loved it)!!! And I got huge earrings, also fun. We both got a lot of attention for our outfits, very much the 'rock' theme.

I got several items in the Silent Auction, but Marilyn got outbid on all her items, poor thing. We both donated to the Appeal, too. After it was over, Marilyn and I took the data back to the office and I got it on the Server.

Well, we can stop thinking about work for a couple days. Can you believe that? (woo hoo)

We've now had coffee and ice cream and are watching SNL. Life is GOOD!
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