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Still Sick (sigh)

Ugh. I'm still sick with the flu.

Talked to my sister Sue today. (She was gone over the weekend to a cribbage tournament.) She told me that my niece, Candy, had been feeling 'so much better' -- she, too, has the flu -- that she'd gone to the beach with numerous friends for the weekend! And now, of course, she's much, much worse. (Surprised?)

Yes, I ended up talking to friend Shari twice, too. I don't usually go into the whole situation with Shari, as it's such a complicated one. (sigh)

Well, anyway, in the course of my conversation with Sue, it also came out that Candy had gone out with a friend Friday night. Which I assume means drinking and general carousing. (Probably someplace smoky on top of it.) All things that are so great for your body when you're fighting the remnants of the flu... (grin) Assuming she ever genuinely felt better. Candy is quite a practiced liar. Of course, seeing as daughter Nicole was at her daddy's for the weekend, Candy couldn't miss her chance to play. You'd think she never got time away from Nicole the way she acts. (Don't get me started.)

As we talked Sue kept asking what we'd done over the weekend -- meaning Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me, of course. (grin) Well, let's see...

...Marilyn worked all day Saturday without a single break until going on 7 p.m. While I stayed here at home in bed trying to get better -- shocking thought! (Shouldn't I have been going out somewhere or something?)

So when Marilyn finally had her one day off after working 13 straight long days, she was pretty tired. We took a short drive on Sunday -- mainly I think as Marilyn's kindness to me so I could get out after being down sick since last Monday. (Cabin fever, you know!) And we did some very minor shopping. Then we came home and I went to bed! (smile) Exciting, no?

Sue must have been somewhat dissatisfied with that answer as it seems like she prodded me on what we'd done more than once. Perhaps that was actually due to her lack of attention the first time around. (?) Or more because we'll get to talking about her weekend and she wants to somehow 'balance' it by talking about us. (I'm seriously guessing here.)

Whatever. That's my sister, take her or leave her. I just basically deal, partly because I feel a little sorry for Sue these days.

Joey fatjoey got his promotion! I won't give any more details because I sense I'll be in trouble as it is for spilling the beans. But I'm excited for him! Can't help myself.

Made a new online friend, by the way! Someone who seems to have a ton in common with me -- and Marilyn, too, for that matter. Her name is Becky beckyo, and she and I are both members at Kevin's kevinr psp7_beginners community. She's someone who remembers the early days of slash! Hurray. (smile)

Speaking of that community, Kevin managed to talk me into being a co-mod there. I tried to resist at first, but who can resist Kevin? (grin) He always asks so nicely, after all. (And I do love that community. His praises were pretty heady when he wrote, so I'll try to remember that's his background and not get big-headed. That Southern charm of his always does me in. It amazes me how some people are put off by Kevin. It just doesn't make sense to me at all! He's really too decent and nice for words, in my opinion.)

It's now hours later than when I first started this entry! I was working on it late afternoon -- and then phone calls and other distractions got me tied up. And Marilyn got home just around 6 p.m. (shocker!) and I got involved in dinner.

We watched the final "Wade Robson Project" episode. No, we didn't vote, but we both favored Michelle. Of course we both felt she didn't have a chance to win it. Why? Because we suspect that most of the voters are female. Now isn't that a shame? So many women won't vote for a woman. Especially young women. It's a pattern they'll start young and continue for their entire lives. Not even aware that they're doing themselves as females a discredit. (sigh)

I've seen some very contrary behavior by women online, by the way. (As if life is somehow 'more so' when you view it through the online magnifying glass.) On the one hand I've witnessed men being treated with incredible unkindness and disregard. (Many of the men I count as friends, too.) Certain women become clanish and exclude men from their 'inner circle' for whatever reason. They feel fine trashing men in general freely and often. (And though I'm 50 and single -- with no intent to marry -- I still don't seriously approve of all this unfounded 'man bashing.')

On the other hand, I've watched women dump on various women -- especially certain given celebrity women -- without being able to even begin to genuinely justify their behavior. They'll claim all sorts of reasons. But it generally comes back to two things, really -- envy and jealousy. (My God, Marilyn and I were originally pretty down on Linda when Davy Jones secretly married her, too. But we were in our early teens at the time! And it only took us a few months to decide to embrace Linda -- because Davy clearly loved her. Which had to mean something by our reasoning -- that is, if we valued Davy and what he felt and thought.) Yes, many of the females in question are undoubtedly teen-agers. It's a hard time, without question. (I remember my own teen years as if it were yesterday. Seriously.) But I'm always delighted when I see teens who are learning to be reasonable. And especially young women. You can't start learning reasonable behavior too young, I suppose. (Though many people never learn it at all. Oh dear.)

Some of the women I speak of are over 20. In fact, many of these women are in their mid-twenties. Again, this can be a difficult time. The struggle to be(come) an adult.

I'm rambling... Does this make sense to anyone -- besides me, that is? I just watch women on various reality TV shows being catty with each other and can't help thinking 'a man wouldn't do that to another man.' (Compare "The Bachelor" to "The Bachelorette" if you don't buy what I'm saying. Or try mentioning the name Britney Spears to these young women who adore Justin Timberlake. For that matter, try mentioning Cameron Diaz!)

Well, that ramble is done. For today, anyway. LOL.

And yet I've seen women who can be supportive of other women -- without being man-bashers. As usual I end up using Marilyn as my case in point! At work she'll have the 'backs' of everyone on Staff -- regardless of gender. Yet she's been amazingly supportive to women of all ages as a mentor in the field of special events. She's encouraged so many women to succeed. And to become leaders in their fields, as well. Of course, she's done the same for a number of men, too. (smile)

I'm not saying that gender isn't an issue. Gender is always an issue. It will always matter, I suspect. And it's easy as a woman to feel like a second-class citizen at times.

You know what? There's something to be said for the growth involved in being a minority -- or being treated as one.

Yes, Christina -- '...thanks for making me a fighter...'

Before I drive my friends any more insane, I'll quit this entry and go catch up with activity online!

Even when I get overly reflective I'm not out to piss anyone off, by the way. I think I often avoid posting to my blogs because I don't really like to upset or hurt others. (And, yes, that was journals, plural! Are you telling me you don't have a GreatestJournal account yet? Why not? It's free, actually seems more reliable than LJ -- at least right now -- and it provides unlimited amounts of icons, as well as free image hosting! I don't remember who brought it up first to me, but thanks to those of you who pushed us to all open accounts there!)

On that note, I need to crosspost this and be off...

(And, yes, I am feeling a lot better one week later, flu-wise. I wish I'd get over this thing completely, though. I have so much I need/want to be doing!)

Almost forgot! Justin was darling on SNL! (smile)

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